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Notarized letter is a kind of document issued by a notary that functions to confirm the signature authenticity in your letter. It is usually required by bank or other authorities. This letter aims to avoid as well as prevent fraud. There are some types of this letter and they have different rules in writing them.

How to Write a Personal Notarized Letter

Personal notarized letter means a document that confirms you are the true identity of the person signing the document. Here, you are the one who draft the letter. To write this letter, you have to provide the subject or title of the letter first. It is placed on the top of the letter.

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After that, you have to include your full name. Make sure that name is same with your identity card. Do not forget to write your address completely provide the date when the letter is signed. It must also include the month and year clearly.

Then, you should provide a section or space to let the notary sign it. This section is a must because the letter will not be valid without the notary’s signature. Now, you need to write the details of the letter. Here, you have to write the details as clear as possible. However, keep it simple and understandable.


How to Write an Authorization Notarized Letter

This letter delegates the authority to other people to act on your behalf. Firstly, you have to provide the name & designation of the one who delegate authority. Besides that, you also must provide the name & designation of the letter’s receiver or recipient.

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Authorization notarized letter should also include the scope of delegated authority. Here, you have to be clear to state the scope. You also cannot forget providing the effective dates. Mention the effective dates in detailed including the month and year.

In the last section, you need to provide the signatures. There are 2 signatures here. First, it is the signature of delegating authority. Second, it is the signature & seal of the approval from notary. Both signatures cannot be missed to make this letter valid.


How to Write a Residency Notarized Letter

This letter aims to prove where you live. There are some important details to be included. If you want to write this kind of letter, you can begin with your full name. It must be the official name or nick name. After that, continue providing other details.

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In this letter, you also must provide the state of the residence. It is not enough, you must be more detailed and state the county of the residence. Then, it is also a must to state the name of the property. Do not forget to include the address of the property.

Last, duration of residency also belongs to the information you have to include in the letter. After all the information above is provided, now your notarized letter must be signed. So, ask the notary to sign this letter. That is all what you need to do in writing this kind of letter.



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