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How to Make Obituary Template and What to Include with Necessary Parts in It

In order to inform the person’s death publicly in newspaper, you need to use this template. Usually, the death that is being informed publicly is that of important figure. That’s the fastest way to do so after all. For that, you will need to learn how to make obituary template. Sure, we can download it.

Obituary Form

However, if you choose to write it yourself, there is proper procedure to follow. There is more to it than just informing the death. You need to outline the information regarding the funeral too. So, let’s see where we should start here.

Step 1 to Write an Obituary Template

First, you will have to start the template with the dateline. When it comes to this first part of the template, what you need to write is the residence of the deceased. This information will be the heading at the top of the page. Of course, there will be more to follow after this in the template.

Obituary Samples Word 01

It would be the details of the deceased. What has to be there is his/her name, age, residence, and place of birth. These should be enough to follow the obituary heading. Make sure the information written is all correct and credible too.

Step 2 to Write an Obituary Template

Next, it would be necessary to give an account of the deceased’s life while he/she was alive. It could be anything related to him/her. For example, it includes the occupation, membership, military service, etc. Just include relevant things in this part of the template. If it is too much, make it briefer.

Obituary Samples Word 02

Add only the most important ones of all. You don’t have to include everything if the space does not allow. Also, we suggest it would be better to personalize the template. So, it would be fine to have his/her hobbies or other activities in.

Step 3 to Write an Obituary Template

Now that you are done with the information regarding the deceased, it is the time to write information about his/her parents and other family members. Obituary information has to be this detailed. Mention the surviving ones and others being left behind after the passing of the deceased.

Obituary Samples Word 03

Spouse is usually one of them. You can use the chance to add notable times in their marriage life. There could be memorable moments in the deceased’s childhood as well. Adding this information makes the template more well made.

Step 4 to Write an Obituary Template

Spouse is not usually the only survivor in the family, of course. So, outline the others as well, like the children, grandchildren, and other close members of the family. If the deceased is still young, you can add paternal and maternal grandparents and even the great grandparents in the obituary too.

Obituary Template Word 01

For the last touch, do highlight the service arrangement in the obituary template. Make sure that you properly address questions related to the services. Then, you are done with this template here. It won’t be difficult to make yourself.


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