10+ Occupancy Agreement Template Sample

Occupancy Agreement Template Sample and Guidelines

Occupancy agreement template is a kind of template for a temporary agreement between a buyer and the seller which lets one party the right to use & occupy the property for a certain time period. It is commonly pun in place if the buyer wants to move into it before transferring money to the seller.

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When to Use Occupancy Agreement Template

Usually, use & occupancy agreement template is needed when the date of original settlement is changed or delayed. Mostly, it lets the buyers to use the new home before they take ownership officially. It can mean that they rent it from the seller for a period of time before their belonging.

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Besides that, it can also similarly be used to rent-back contingency. Here, you will rent the property from the buyer after the settlement has happened when the settlement on the new home is delayed. If you are in such situation, it means that you have to write this kind of agreement rightly as soon as possible.

Tips in Creating an Occupancy Agreement Template

If you want to make this agreement, there are some important and useful tips that you need to follow. First of all, you have to put it in writing. It is the most important thing. If you think of using this kind of agreement during your transaction course, so you must put it in writing. Write it with the proper format.

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Besides that, you also need to set a daily rate. You should think that it is like rent or hotel bill. You can decide the daily rate or how much the compensation will be for the use of property. We recommended you to prefer daily rate to the flat one because it gives you higher bigger benefits.

Then, keep in mind that writing this agreement must be specific. The more specific you are, the better it will be. It relates to everything you want to describe in the agreement. With specific description, it will be much easier to read and understand. So, you must use clear sentences and languages.

The Example of Occupancy Agreement Template

We have an occupancy agreement template sample. Actually, this agreement is simple enough. It begins with a title which shows that this document is an occupancy agreement. To start the agreement, you should mention the parties. Besides, you should describe the dwelling unit as clear & detail as possible.

The next element to be included is the term or the length of time. Just state it clearly there. Then, you can continue describing the rent. Keep it simple but clear so that the buyers can understand it well. Another element you cannot forget should the changes in the share of the rent of the tenant.

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Occupancy agreement template is used in different cases. For example, you may need to make a student housing occupancy agreement, pre-closing occupancy agreement, leasing program occupancy agreement, occupancy license agreement, temporary occupancy agreement, & there are many others.

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