8+ Payment Schedule Template Sample

One of the most difficult things is to synchronize daily lives to hectic schedule. It can lead to bill payment failure. To avoid this, you may need a payment schedule template. With this payment schedule, you can record all bills to be paid all.

Template Chore Payment Schedule for Excel Sample


How to Write a Payment Schedule Template

It is important to know how to write a payment schedule. There are some rules in making the template. How to write the template depends on what payment to be scheduled. In this article, we will give some examples and the steps to follow.

Template Bill Payment Schedule Excel Format Sample

If you want to create a bill payment schedule template, here is what you need to do. First of all, you should make a title. After that, you need to make a table that consists of some columns with different headers.

Starts from the leftmost column, the header can be Due On. It is the due date of the bill to be paid. You have to list down the due dates of your bill payments. Next to it, the header should be Pay On. On this column, you need to write your plan in paying the bill. Of course, it should be before the due.

The next header is Notes. On this column, you can write any note related to the bill. For example, you can describe the type of bill payment or something else. If there is no required information, just let it empty.

Then, provide Recipient(s) as the next header. On this column, you should describe what for the bill payment is. For example, it is for student loan, trash bill, water bill, gas, internet access, vacation fund, emergency fund, etc.

Next, you cannot forget providing the amount of the bill to be paid. It should be adjusted to the recipients of the bill. The next columns are for months from January to December. One more, you should also include total amount of the bill.

If you want to make a mortgage loan payment schedule template, firstly you have to provide the information about Enter Values. It includes loan amount, annual interest rate, loan period in years, numbers of payment per year, loan start date, and optional extra payment.

Besides that, you also need to provide the information about Loan Summary. It includes scheduled payment, scheduled numbers of payment, and actual numbers of payment, total early payments, and total interest. One more, do not forget to include the name of the lender.

Now, create a table for the payment schedule. There are some headers you need to make. The first is Payment No. on the leftmost column. Then, follow it with Payment Date. After that, create Beginning Balance for the next header in the table of the payment schedule.

The next header should need form Scheduled Payment. You also need to include Extra Payment. Next, you should make a Total Payment for the next header. Then, Principal and Interest should also be included in the 2 last columns of the payment scheduled template.


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