Payroll Accounts Payable Resume Sample

Payroll accounts payable resume sample will process the employees in an opportune fashion. Therefore, the sample resume will lead you to write the best resume. This resume should include the skills as responding for the employee question based on their payment. Besides, the payroll account also will manage the cash flow because it has important role in the business. Business usually will settle the payables for the revenue. Moreover, this one also will want to pay them in a timely manner.

The most important thing about payroll account is specialist to make sure that the account is paid on time. The job can be stressful especially in the deadline. Therefore, you have to increase the skills and abilities to ensure the readers when they read this resume. Therefore, if you are interested in this job, you must write outstanding resume. In this one, we will show you how to put the information together and get interest for the recruiter about your skills, abilities, education, and other important information.

Payroll Accounts Payable Resume Sample

Emmanuel Atkinson

5673 Sunset Terrace, El Paso, TX, Phone: (915) 331 – 8976


Experiences                                       Account payable Specialist, Comfort Inn, El Paso TX

                                                                07/ 2015 – present

  • Examines all invoices and outflow reports to accurately credit expenses for correcting account and cost center
  • Confirms entries and equates system-generated report to settle all submitted work
  • Convince that all merchants and creditors of Comfort Inn are prepared in a judicious manner by reconciling and also resolving all purchase orders
  • Apprises and maintains the universal ledgers and journals by reconciling for all scheduled statements, invoices, vouchers and relevant documents
  • Organizes with accounting for the tuition and also release of the cash payment schedule and replenishment of pretty cash fund
  • Cooperates with accounting and the Chief Auditor during the planned audits or in the event a random audit is conducted

Account payable Specialist, Hidalgo manufacturing Corporation, El Paso, TX

06/ 2013 – 01/ 2015

  • Convinced the invoices were salaried according to the cash discount possible and beneficial payment terms
  • Achieved and assessed for all statements for appropriate documentation and endorsement before request for payment is made
  • Joined for all investigations and concern of vendors and creditors
  • Endeavour to tie checks and secures for all signs for proper distribution
  • Conserved all archives and documentation precisely and with strict agreement to generally conventional accounting policies
  • Offer aid for human resources department staff on needed basis
  • Steered the time sheet entry and supply of payroll check for some offices
  • Took part in executive level meeting scheduling and collaborated with department manager and peer to develop and implement policies

Education                                            University of San Francisco

Bachelor’s Degree in Service


  • Validate ability to arrange the tasks or responsibilities and complete duties in selected time
  • Understandable of payroll system
  • Convince timely program of payroll. Email the corporate payroll coordinator that the transmission is completed
  • Join new employee or change info from department head add and make data deviations in payroll system
  • At pay period end, run blow detail report and confirm that all info is accurate and it will make correction where it is necessary


Payroll Accounts Payable Resume Sample

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