Phlebotomist resume sample

Phlebotomist job description are medical personnel that are responsible to work in the medical field especially in the tasks of taking and keeping the blood by using medical tools, identiy the ID blood, do medical record do labelling the blood and sample, and anything related to it.

Phlebotomist resume sample

Karen Amstrong

4455 Arbey Court, Sarasota, FL, 34230, Phone: +1 (941) 3115766



                                                Sarasota, FL

                                                05/2017 – present

  • Can perform the work responsibility with professionalism, show full experience and perform great skills as seen in Phlebotomist resume sample
  • Can work with high busy shift
  • Being responsible to create schedules for other junior and new phlebotomist
  • Can create programs that give new knowledge and experience to staff
  • Can evaluate the performance of the phlebotomist and give suggestion, and support for them
  • Being responsible to connect the department with hospital or head company
  • Capable to manage the Microbiology and Laboratory
  • Can do report and manage to handle to job on the right line
  • Being responsible to assist the management of the inventory and supplies
  • Check the input of the data entries and manage it carefully
  • can manage financial performance including handle the costs for both decrease and increase progress
  • Capable to provide and improve the service in all round aspects



Dayton, OH

07/2012 – 03/2017

  • Can work in the medical department, understand about running the admission and transferring the process
  • Can do the process and run the tasks under procedures
  • Being responsible to work under full-preparations, capable to do diagnose including diagnose the blood
  • Can consult about the data entry and the information that comes in
  • Can do hospital records in a neat arrangement
  • Understand about electrocardiograms and can operate it very well
  • Capable to handle and manage the blood pressure and blood testing based on standards
  • Can communicate about the job, the result of medical treatments and process, and capable to provide the instruction
  • Can do clinical instruction, manage to operate the medical tool carefully
  • Can do verification tests based on clinician order
  • Do the medical documentations and gather hospital records in a great arrangement



Bloomington, IN

06/2006 – 05/2012

  • Understand about the field and capable to do medical testing
  • Can draw the blood from patients, collect it and keep in safely in the blood banks
  • Understand the regulation to donate the blood in the blood banks and know how to manage it
  • Do research about the field
  • Have experience to work under blood donation centers
  • Help the doctor on the surgery
  • Works in the medical community and private hospitals
  • Can gather and collect the blood from patients or donators
  • Understand about the way of doing the process by using medical equipment
  • Can draw the blood, do labeling blood and process it
  • Can input and collect the database
  • Can do admission of the blood and understand about the process of the blood transfer


EDUCATION                       MIAMI DADE COLLEGE

                                                Bachelor’s Degree of Phlebotomy



  • Have great understanding about the subjects and have experience from the basic and knowledge
  • Have great communication skill
  • Can build up communication and create good relations
  • Capable to work with team and group
  • Capable to do documentations, recording, and data entry
  • Can manage to work with detail and require high focus
  • Have great interpersonal and motor skills
  • Have bright, optimist, and empathy personality
  • Capable to work under pressure and run various medical projects
  • Understand about laboratory tools and can operate it very well
  • Work with quality control policies and regulations
  • Capable to give great quality service
  • Works under Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
  • Can work in effective and productive way
  • Capable to work with care in any age
  • Understand about anatomy, physiology of veins, and blood


Phlebotomist resume sample


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