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Photo release form in a document for an authorization to copy, distribute and even use specified copyrighted photo in the future. It is given by the photo owner (releasor) to another person (releasee). If you want to make a photo release form, you have to pay attention to the following explanation.

How to Write a Photo Release Form

A photography release form must be dated and it must indicate the following information. First, you have to provide both names of the releasor & the releasee. Do not forget to make a title like “Photo Release” or something like that. The names should also be legal and complete for both parties.

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Second, you have to provide the description of the licensed photos. The description should be as clear and detailed as possible. If there are many photos, all of them should be descripted. So, this form may take more than one page depending on how many photos and how long you describe them.

The last is signature. Here, who needs to sign is the releasor. In this signature part, you can add a word to make it more polite like “Sincerely”. Besides that, you also need to provide the full name of the releasor and the date of the signing. Make sure that the signature is clear and original.

Tips to Make a Photo Release Form

Creating a photo copyright release form is easy. However, many people do not understand how to use it. There are many tips related to it. Firstly, you have to check the creative commons for free use. In fact, not all photos are copyrighted. So, you have to find the free and usable photos first.

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If you do not find the free photos, you can decide to make a photo copyright release. The first thing to do is to contact the owner of the photo. Sometimes, you may be granted permission with no cost. However, some photo owners require you to make a photo copyright release.

Using other’s photo may require you to pay compensation. Here, you have to negotiate with the photo owner about it. For example, you have to pay upfront or later or something else. The amount of the compensation may vary depending on the photo and the owner him/herself.

After you reach the agreement, you have to obtain the signature. This copyright release will take effect once this is filled out & signed by the photo owner. You have to keep in mind that the photo owner may request a copy of the photo release, too. So, you also need to copy it.

After the release form is filled out & signed by the photo owner, finally you can use the photo. Now, you can freely use the specified photos you describe in the release form. But you have to keep this release form in a safe place because you may need it again in the future.

If you are searching photo release form wording, you can copy it easily from internet. However, you have to follow the guidelines we have explained above. Hopefully this is useful for you who want to use other’s photos for certain purposes.



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