Physical Therapy Technician Resume Sample

Physical therapy technician resume sample job description is all about giving assistance to the physical therapists. What the technicians would assist for is about providing health care to the people in need. It includes the rehabilitation services as well. To be one, the applicant needs to have high school diploma and on the job training. Enough experiences add more chance to be qualified.

Michael Goswald

1214 Lucious Viaduct, New York, NY, Phone: +1 (555) 230 4123


                                             Dallas, TX

                                             09/2016 – present

  • Make persuasive promotion of customer service to attract more customers for the company
  • Communicate with the customers through phone with good phone etiquette in conversation
  • Keep the conduct in accordance with hospital policies as well as patient safety initiatives
  • Make sure the patient’s privacy is well kept along with the confidentiality of their health information
  • Act in accordance with performance management plan and meet the goals of the performance
  • Promote teamwork for better capability to serve the people in need of health care and attention


Philadelphia, PA

05/2014 – 08/2016

  • Provide assistance to the physical therapists to treat the patient as directed by them at the time
  • Give the patient a hand in doing therapeutic exercise, gait training, aquatic therapy, neuromuscular education
  • Perform other duties as ordered by superiors in the workplace or any job site during the working hour
  • Report any concern regarding the safety to the management without delaying any longer
  • Make good collaboration with both the patients and the team and keep good communication
  • Provide assistance in accordance with physical therapist and physical therapist assistant instructions


Los Angeles, CA

07/2010 – 03/2014

  • Make records of the progress shown by the patients and report to the therapists as ordered and assigned
  • Keep the treatment areas and equipment safely in hygienic condition ready to use at all times
  • Keep professional conduct at the highest standard to offer the best customer service possible
  • Join the mandatory HIPAA privacy programs along with the Business Ethics and Compliance ones
  • Follow the health initiative core values as one make his/her own conduct in caring injured people
  • Ensure the linens are all clean and organized well so they can be safely used to treat the patients


                                             Bachelor’s Degree of Health Therapy


  • Correct and quick identification skill to set up patient on proper piece of equipment and make adjustment as needed for the patient
  • Solid knowledge of therapy abbreviations, like that of physical and occupational kinds to work smoothly and quickly
  • Strong understanding in principles, contraindications, or precautions when it comes to the therapy modalities
  • High precision and accuracy in details necessary when observing the patients and record them to report to the therapists
  • Capability to have more than one priority organized and managed to make things tidier and easier to look into whenever needed

Physical Therapy Technician Resume Sample


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