What should you know about the physician retirement letter?

The physician retirement letter is a document used to notify and inform the patients about the retired physician. Retirement means that the physician can no longer provide services to the patients due to them would be considered to be the best way to inform them about your retirement and other important things the patients have to know after the retirement.

135 What should you know about the physician retirement letter

What things to say in the physician retirement letter?

While writing for a proper physician retirement letter, there are several things to include and these are the key elements of the letter which means that you cant skip or forget these parts to be included in the physician retirement letter.

  • Formal head lettering

Familiarize yourself with writing formal head lettering which mostly has similar templates and ensure to fill in each space with proper information.

  • Date and salutation

After you write down your identity, include the current date and formal salutation to greet the patients.

  • Inform the objective of the letter

Right in the first paragraph, open the letter with the main intention that you are going to retire from being a physician. Here, ensure to provide the last day of your job.

  • Thank you statement

In the following paragraphs, thank the patients for all their sincere care and trust to choose you as their physician. Ensure to provide nice and polite language while writing the letter.

  • Offer your assistance

While you are no longer be a physician, it is the patient’s choice to choose a new physician. Related to the medical records and other important things, you also have to inform them all clearly in the letter. In other words, make yourself available if the patients need your help to take care of the transition.

Tips to give notice to the patients about the retirement

To write an appropriate physician retirement letter, there are several useful tips to follow so that the letter will be delivered nicely to the patients. Here are some tips you may apply to your physician retirement letter.

  • The letter of retirement could be sent through mails or emails and both still need to be free from any mistakes and errors. So, ensure to review the letter before sending it to the patients.
  • Send the letter at least a month before the retirement date, except emergency things happen then it would be a sudden letter that you have to explain inside why it is notified suddenly.
  • Write only positive and good responses expressing your gratitude for being a physician and a sincere thank you statement to all the patients to believing you to take care of them.

The additional information you need to know about physician retirement letter’

Ensure to not write the letter for more than a single page. In other words, explain only important things the patients need to know about your retirement. Not only the exact date of your last job but also encourage the patients to prepare for their new physician. If you have any recommendations, tell them about the best physicians to hire. Additionally, ask them to take care of the authorization of their medical record.


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