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What is Pitch Deck?

Pitch deck is a short presentation about the outline of your business plan that is presented to the audience. The audience for a pitch deck presentation are usually potential customers, co-founders, investors, and partners. It will typically be presented during face-to-face or online meetings. Presentations can be created using the PowerPoint, Prezi, or Keynote software applications. You can also make one by referring to Pitch Deck templates which you can download for free here.

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What’s in a pitch deck presentation?

In general, Pitch Deck presentation consists of 12 slides containing Introduction, Team Members and Roles, Problems, Advantages, Solutions, Product, Traction, Market, Competition, Business Model, Investing, and Contact. All slides must be displayed clearly and attractively so that the audience can understand the content properly.

What SHOULD be in a pitch deck template?

A good pitch deck template must be able to accommodate the following:

1. Telling story

A story can trigger the attention of an audience, especially investors. Therefore, choose a template that can accommodate you in telling stories to engage people emotionally. After that, tell us something interesting about your startup.

pitch deck in photoshop

2. One slide, one idea

Do not cram all information you’d like to tell your audience in a page. Limit each slide for one idea to keep your audience on the same page.

3. Choose a template that can display a good first impression

When presenting an idea, the first 2 to 3 minutes you speak is the most important time. Therefore, make your presentation visualization attractive by choosing a template that can display a good first impression.

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4. Show who is behind the pitch deck presentation idea

When introducing members of the startup team, focus on significant and relevant achievements so that the audience believes that your team can win the business competition.

5. Choose a template with consistent visuals

Consistent look in a presentation is very important so as not to confuse the audience. So, use the same writing style, font type, size, font, and color scheme on all slides of your Pitch Deck presentation.

pitch deck psd templates

6. Support presentations with visualizations

Use graphics, tables, illustrations, etc. to show traction and other facts about your startup.


What SHOULD NOT be in a pitch deck template?

1. Too many bullet points

As stated earlier, one slide should only talk about one idea. So, the use of bullet points is now obsolete. Your audience will get bored if you use too many bullet points to present your ideas.

2. Don’t make too many slides

Audience’s attention span is only about 10 slides. In fact, sometimes, presentation slides for startups can exceed 30 slides. Simplify what you want to talk to your audience.

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3. Don’t make a presentation slide that contains the writing you want to read

If you read your presentation slides too often, you will feel like a robot ignoring eye contact with your audience.

4. Don’t make presentation slides with a lot of writing and no supporting images

Humans cannot read and listen at the same time. They will be more likely to feel emotionally engaged if you provide good visuals.

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Pitch Deck Design Ideas

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Pitch Deck Ideas

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