Plant Maintenance Mechanic Resume Sample

Plant Maintenance Mechanic job description is a position that requires certain skills that helps the mechanical system working well. The person will need to understand how to repair and maintain the machines and program system. The person also needs to know how to set the program of the system and doing full maintenance at the same time.

Plant Maintenance Mechanic Resume Sample

William Wallace Jr.

534 Spring Sour Avenue, Las Vegas, US-NV, 89102, Phone: +1 (702) 486-4335



                                                Las Vegas, US-NV

                                                05/2016 – present

  • Has great capability to do the Plant Maintenance Mechanic resume sample
  • Can do the routine of doing plant maintenance such as doing welding, machining, electrical, and mechanical maintenance activities of the equipment
  • Capable to do maintenance of the equipment for various aspects such as lubrication, replacement parts, and inspection
  • Can do ordering and maintaining the lubricants stock of levels and use it for plant equipment
  • Capable to build up the performance and tests the equipment of the plants by using the tachometers, the flow meter, the amp and volt meters, as well as the pressure gauges
  • Capable to do diagnoses and handle the troubleshoots that may happen
  • Can do repairs and solve the trouble
  • Do the maintenance of the equipment including giving overhauls treatment
  • Capable to handle the aeration blowers, pumps, and motors



Carson City, US-NV

09/2011 – 04/2016

  • Can maximize the performance of the equipment especially the stationary types and capable to do recovering and maintaining of the stuff
  • Can ensure to do prevention and maintain the equipment to work well on the daily basis
  • Capable to do development and show initiative that follows the program
  • Can improve the plant operation system
  • Capable to work with team and take the responsibility of being the lead position
  • Can team up with senior team and accomplish the project
  • Can perform and process the equipment
  • Can operate the mobile equipment


Tempe, AZ

05/2007 – 07/2011

  • Can run the duties of the work including doing maintenance
  • Checking and repairing the equipment and tools in the company
  • Have ability to replace the pumps
  • Get the task to maintain the work area to be clean and safe
  • Work under formal corporate such as OSHA Standard
  • Capable to repair components that do not work well such as disassembly tools, overhaul, adjusting the damage and more
  • Can recommend the production improvement, product quality and the performance of the equipment
  • Can do preventive damage for documents properly
  • Capable to do corrective work on the daily basis and utilize the system
  • Can perform the maintenance management system
  • Can assign the duties and work the tasks very well



                                                Bachelor’s Degree of Information Science and Technology



  • Has great ability to operate system and do management system
  • Capable to do maintenance of the system and equipment
  • Understand about more than one language including English, French, Russian, and Dutch
  • Capable to work under pressure
  • Can team up with team and build teamwork to run the tasks
  • Can do plumbing and pipefitting
  • Work with safety and do the tasks under the RMBC policies and the safe regulations
  • Always follow the regulations like MCMW and pay attention to give a quality and safety
  • Have ability to read and understand about geographical location and frames
  • Can assert and develop the skills as mechanical
  • Capable to work about electrical and can improve the skills
  • Have great communication skills for both verbal and written
  • Always work with professionalism and offer high responsibility and proficiently
  • Understand about the regulation, rules, and safety when working



Plant Maintenance Mechanic Resume Sample

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