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Plot Pyramid and how to make it easy to understand for the beginner

Writing a summary for novel or other story will be easier if you are able to understand the plot on the story. The plot is one of the trickiest and most vital things in the story and it will have many types including plot pyramid. This plot will be easy to understand because you will know the climax of the story.

Plot Diagram Template 01

This plot looks like a pyramid because of the shape with the action and drama building to excite the reader before subsiding. Consider this plot is also useful because it will help you to sustain your emotional momentum through the story. To make it easier, you can follow some tips below to do in making plot.

How to write plot pyramid properly and easy to understand

To make your plot triangle easy to understand for any people even if the beginner, it is important for you to identify the section in a plot diagram. This one is a traditional way to get the structure of the story. The section of the plot diagram should include the intrinsic of the story to make the readers understand the diagram.

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In other words, your plot diagram should break into six sections including the setup, inciting incident, rising action, the climax, the falling action, and the last is resolution. After that, you can write it in triangle or a pyramid with the set up at the bottom of the triangle and followed by the buildup of inciting accident and the rising action.


How to make plot pyramid impressive and awesome to read

Your plot pyramid diagram will be impressive and awesome if you can create a strong set up. Commonly, many novels will start with the set up into the inciting incident. In this way, you should identify the setup of your story in order to help you identifying the protagonist as well as the main ideas.

Plot Diagram Template 03

Furthermore, you also should identify the inciting incident correctly. This action should be the event that changes the course of the main character’s life so that you should be read it carefully. Creating rising action is also important and you should write it properly because it is the longest section in a novel or a story.

Write your climax and identify the falling action properly

Your plot diagram will be impressive if you can decide the climax properly. The climax of the story will be the highest point and should feel like the most important moment for the protagonist. This one can be a major setback or challenge that the protagonist doing. Because of that, you should identify it correctly.

Plot Diagram Template 04

The last section is identifying the falling action of the story and also the resolution. Both of them are united and cannot be parted. You should identify both of them properly in order to make the readers easy to understand the plot of the novels or stories that you have summarized before.

With those tips, your plot pyramid will be impressive and easy to understand the readers. This idea also will make your summary of any story or novel easy to be understood for the readers very well.



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