Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Resume Sample

Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Resume Sample is one of the advanced registered a nurse whose has duties similar to the doctors. Therefore, the role of this job is as important as doctor because their duties similar. In other words, you have related education to apply for this job. The main duties and responsibilities for this job position is providing the general care, treating many disorders, running check-ups, ordering lab tests, counseling the patients and their families, and prescribing the medication. Therefore, the ideal candidate for the job is person who has education to the nurse. They also should able to show the assets such as medical teamwork, attention to the details, clinical skills, patient focus, recordkeeping, time management, and many more. If you are interested in this job, you can read the following sample to lead you in writing the proper resume.

Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Resume Sample

Roberts Junior

786 Juliet Well, Philadelphia, PA Phone: +1 (555) 897 2657


Experience                                         CAC Primary Care Nurse Practitioner, New York

02/ 2015 – present

  • Doing well in achievement for a nurse practitioner program
  • Masters in discipline of Nursing
  • Energetic, unrestricted nurse in practitioner license in the state point to as the location
  • Computer expertise with knowledge of MS office products especially in Word and Excel
  • Recognize the quality enhancement issues and also improve unit based on the quality advancement program as well as the standard of care or perform
  • Offer care to 15 – 20 patients per day such as full physicals, follow up the scheduled time and acute visit
  • Medication prescribing such as controlled the substance
  • Patient maximized for elective surgery by independently gaining a very thorough the history and physical of different patient population with some acute and chronic condition

Nurse Practitioner Primary Care in Philadelphia

01/ 2010 – 01/ 2015

  • Could carry out other duties including daily rounding of patients, manage outpatient apprehension and also any other duty specific to specialty
  • Take part, develop, and realize the performance and the quality improvement initiatives
  • Triage the patient telephone calls and offer monitoring and stability of care
  • Arranged written recommendation orders for drugs and controlled substances, controls medication and injection, sew up wound and offer wound care
  • Communicated and also work with patient care and patient family, community health service, and interdisciplinary group
  • Provide as the clinical expertise and perform as a clinical resource
  • Convince the compliance with all narrow agencies
  • Ranked highest in patient approval scores cover a course of numerous months and continually achieved higher than 90 percent on patient satisfaction polling

Education                                            Florida Atlantic University

Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing


  • Pediatric acquaintance
  • Great medical skills and acquaintance
  • Strong concentration to the detail
  • Solid assessment, documentation skills, and clinical
  • Able to do multitask
  • Awesome communication skills and clinical skills
  • Great ambulatory skills
  • Display interest in using the technology to send the high quality, evidence-based primary care
  • Background in functional medicine, proving a broader considerate of interrelated complexity of diseases and underlying causes

Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Resume Sample

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