5+ Printable Advertising Invoice Templates

Free Printable Advertising Invoice Templates

Advertising is an always creative, developing, and dynamic world. For this reason, good relations with clients and customers must be well-maintained. This included disclosure of information on products/services ordered by customers. Details of ordered products/services, breakdown of cost, and total cost are usually summarized in the invoice.

Sample Templates Advertising Agency Invoice

Definition, function, and how to use invoice

Sellers use advertising invoices to confirm the customers’ estimated number of orders. An invoice may include the number or order made, product names, product code (if any), product descriptions, and the total amount. The sellers can also use the advertising invoice for documentation and references purposes.

Invoice can also be used to confirm orders made by customers. This is why invoice is important and useful. In the end of this article, you can found some free printable advertising invoice templates for you to download for free.

Sample Templates Advertising Freelance Invoice


3 ways to get your advertising invoice copy

  1. Approach your sales specialist to ask for an invoice copy
  2. Request a copy of your ad form to the company
  3. Request a separate copy after you receive the original invoice form

4 important details that should be on your advertising form

There are many ways to create an advertising form. However, if you want to create an advertising invoice that follows a legal invoice format, here are four important details that should be on your advertising invoice:

1. Company contact details

It is of course important to include company contact details in each invoice form. Customers should be easy to contact the company for dealing with further questions or problems.

2. Breakdown of cost

Notify customers about certain quantities and items purchased by including details of costs of each product.

3. Total cost

You also need to put the total cost for all items purchased by the customer. This is to help the customers from having to total their purchased items themselves.

4. Product/service description

You are advised to include products/service descriptions for each product/service purchased by the customers.

These free printable advertising invoice templates can also be used for other purposes because other departments are most likely to have the same details as this one. Click the download button on the invoice template you want to use to download it for free.


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