7+ Printable Office Lease Agreement Template

How to Write an Office Lease Agreement Template

Office lease agreement is a contractual agreement used for various purposes of a business. So, if you are in a business, you may need to be able to create an office lease agreement template. This agreement can also be called as a business lease agreement. Now, let’s discuss about it further.

What to Know about Office Lease Agreement Template

Office or commercial lease agreement is different from residential lease agreement. So, you will need to know further about this kind of agreement. First, you have to know about fewer legal protections. In this case, the consumer laws applied to the residential lease agreement do not cover commercial lease.

Besides that, a landlord will have the rights to use the standard template of residential lease. In this case, the rights to use it due to the needs of accommodate tenant requirement. Many people misunderstand about it so that you have to know clearly about this.

Then, you also need to know that the lease has to verify the particular amount of security deposit. In this case, the amount of security deposit depends on the agreement between both parties. In addition, the lease is also required to verify the terms that concern the returns.

Last but not least, it is also important to keep in mind that the lease will have to address the improvements or modifications to be made to that property. After you understand well about this agreement, now we will see the elements included in the office lease agreement.

What to Include in an Office Lease Agreement Template

A standard template of this agreement must have at least 5 elements. First, it should start with the names of landlord & tenant. Make sure that you mention their full legal names separately, completely and also correctly. So, everyone who reads it will know who the landlord is and who the tenant is.

The second element that you will have to include in this agreement is the premises. In this case, you will need to identify the premises rightly. The next element that you cannot skip next is the payable amount of money to be paid each month. Make sure that you state it correctly.

Then, this agreement also requires you to include dates. There are 2 kinds of date that you should provide. The first is the beginning date whereas the second one is the ending date. State the date completely including the date, month and year.

Last, you should include the type of business. It should be followed with the type of product. If you sell services, you have to describe the type of service. In addition, you also should state the process of using the space clearly and correctly in the agreement template.


Templates 090416 2 Sample Templates Corporate Office Program Lease Agreement Sample Templates Termination Agreement Office Lease Description Sample

There are many samples of office lease agreement template. For example, there are office draft lease agreement, virtual office lease agreement, office facilities rental lease agreement, corporate office program lease agreement, office storage lease agreement, termination agreement office lease, etc.

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