10+ Profit Loss Statement and how to make it easy to understand

Profit loss statement usually is called as statement of operation. This document is important because it is a financial report that will provide the summary of a company’s revenues, expenses, and profit/ loss over given period of time. This document will show a company’s ability to generate the sales and create profit.

Besides, it is also prepared based on the accounting principle and it will include the revenue recognition, matching, and also accruals. This one will make it getting different from the cash of flow statement. Moreover, you will get satisfaction statement if you follow some tips below to facilitate you in writing.

How to write Profit loss statement with the simple way but easy to understand?

To make this one easy to understand, it is important for you to understand the structure of the profit and loss statement template. The statement on this template is portrayed over a period of time. The main categories that can be found in this Profit and Loss are revenue, cost of goods sold, selling, and many more.

Furthermore, other important categories in this template are marketing and advertising, technology, interest expense, net come, and also taxes. In your statement template, those categories should be included because those will facilitate the readers to understand the template without any difficulties.

How to write Profit loss statement impressive to read?

The statement template will be impressive if you can track your revenue. Revenue is important because it is the money that you have received in payment for the products or the services. Therefore, it is important for you to make the best track for your revenue in order to make the reader impressed.

Besides, you also should determine the cost of sales. In this step, you can include the inventory, raw manufacturing materials, and also additional staff that you hired to cover the busy period. Moreover, the statement also will be better if you can figure out the gross profit in order to make the statement better.

How to make Profit loss statement easy to write and read?

Your statement of profit and loss template will be easier to read and write if you can add up the overhead. It will fix the expense that you have to run in the business. In addition, you also should calculate the operating income. This idea will help you to deduct the cost overhead from the gross profit.

It is important for you to adjust for other income and expenses in your statement. This one may be money coming in or going out where it will not be related to the actual operation of the business. The type of this income is usually the interest or dividends from the company investment.

Do not forget to net the profit in the bottom line

The last tips for writing the best Profit loss statement are netting the profit. This one is important because it will show if you have a profit or loss after paying all of your expenses. With this idea, you will get satisfaction statement because it will be clear and the reader will be easy to understand.


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