Project Budget Templates Printable

Project Budget Templates for PDF and Excel

Project budget template is a proper way to arrange a form that is created properly for your important business project. As you can see, many business projects are getting dropped because of the project budget that is not satisfying, or whether it is written badly.

example project budget template

That is why these templates will help you to find the best form that is suitable for you. To aim a good result of the project that you are going to perform in the company, you need to be able to create an excellent form. This is including the design of the budgets.

Clearly, you need to set a good number and make sure that you have set the right finance management. An example of the design sample comes with some basic information. The items that are included in the list are the stuff that is usually list in a regular way.

Simple Sample Project Budget Template

A simple design that is usually formed for company’s project will consist with certain data. This data will be drifted down with several others items. A budget template printable can be printed with the expenses. The expenses are divided into three parts.

Those are the salaries, travel, and income. The salaries part can talk about the staff or the faculty title with the amount of percent from the Time one project the part has doing. Then, mention about the benefits with certain number of total staff or faculty salaries.

free project budget template

Then, the consultants with the clear number of the consultant fee that is counted for hourly or flat in mentioned in the salaries part. The last one before you put the sub – total salaries in total is the guest speakers. Put the honoraria rate for the guest speakers along with the quantity, cost, and total.

Next part is the travel. You still need to put the description in the list. In this part, you can put the luggage you put in travel part. Those are like the lodging that the cost is counted for per person or per room. Then, there is airfare or train that is also counted for per person and fare.

A gas will be put in the list with complete description. If you put the gas, then you need definitely put the number of per mile. Then, per diem with meal stipend description is added along with taxi, subway, or light rail fare for other travel expenses.

What to Write in the Income Program Expenses in Project Budget Template

The last one is the income expenses. In this part, you can put the information about the department budget. Put this data in the program income part. Make sure that you put the department name in the sample budget printable.

sample project budget template

Then, put the sales income that is estimated for the program in the list. The income can be taken from the ticket sales. Other expenses that are included in the income list is the in-kind contribution like goods or services donated.

A grants, sponsorships, or RFP that comes with donor name or prospect team will be included in the income of the program description. The last one of the income that you may get for the program that you set is from the revenue of the partnership. You need to write this project budget template.

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