Project Manager Construction Resume Sample

Project manager construction resume sample job description includes many responsibilities. The manager will have to make plans of the building process. Planning is not the only thing one has to do when they hold this career. The manager has to allocate the necessary resources for the building plans as well. Managing the staff and budget will follow too. One also has to set the benchmarks.

Project Manager Construction Resume Sample

Jake Alfrensvald

37231 Funk Crest, Philadelphia, PA, Phone: +1 (555) 781 1092


                                                Phoenix, AZ

                                                02/2017 – present

  • Revise the project schedules, from generating tasks to making histogram analysis as necessary for the needs
  • Conduct risk analysis and develop plans for it to check on and review the contracts and estimates
  • Manage the scope, schedule, and budget needed for construction, tenant improvement, and relocation
  • Work together with the officials of local building to get the necessary permits, approvals, and acceptance
  • Schedule meetings with the contractors for discussing all the things that are necessary for the construction
  • Conduct cost analysis to recommend the right cost budgets to spend for the construction project


Detroit, MI

04/2014 – 01/2017

  • Make collaboration with the design team to come up with great ideas to put in the plan and manage the permit for it
  • Provide assistance to the project manager with variety of things, including the preparation and project schedules
  • Make requests for information as needed by the superiors and have them processed immediately
  • Review the demand management tools of bill of materials and sales order to monitor and maintain them
  • Make reports of internal material for the need of project manager review to evaluate the project
  • Make and distribute the subcontractor bid packages together with the help of project manager


Detroit, MI

07/2011 – 01/2014

  • Perform proper management of individual projects right from scheduling to making necessary visits
  • Work together with the real estate to facilitate the plan, design, operation and maintenance
  • Monitor the use of the budgets and make sure to make regular reports on it to check on the project
  • Asses the facility condition for the purpose of capital planning and budgeting of the construction
  • Collaborate with the operation team to deal with any operating issues within the warranty period
  • Lead teams to make high performance and meet the targets and goals for the construction project

EDUCATION                       EMORY UNIVERSITY

                                                Bachelor’s Degree of Construction Management


  • Excellent interpersonal skills to communicate with people of all kinds and develop the relationship even further
  • Solid knowledge in computer and Microsoft application for the need of making analyses, reviews, or reports
  • Understanding in commercial evaluation metrics and how to apply the knowledge into action for the needs of the projects
  • Capability to work either independently or with team members to produce quality products of the company
  • Great skills in serving the customers with professional manner to bring satisfaction and benefit the company

Project Manager Construction Resume Sample


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