Project Status Report Templates

Project Status Report Templates for Different Purposes

If you are in a project charge give to purchase by a client, you are required to create a project status report. It outlines the info one wants to learn about the status of a project. In this article, we will reach you on how to create this kind of report properly. So, let’s see our project status report templates.

Sample Monthly Project Status Report Example

How to Create a project Status Report

There are some steps you need to follow if you want to make a project status report. First of all, you have to write a summary of what happened to your project in a period of time. After that, you need to create the overall timeline completion of the project. You have to list what to do to complete a project.

Sample Multiple Project Status Report Example

Then, you are required to include the details of information related to the project budget. You have to state all the expenses clearly and transparently. For the next step, you should take note of what you should do. Here, you should describe the list of tasks to do to complete the project.

What you need to do next in writing a project status report document is to list down the risks of the project. For the final step, you have to make a conclusion. It must be based on your assessment result. Make sure that you follow all the steps above properly so that your report will have good quality.

The Examples of Project Status Reports

In this article, you can find a collection of free templates. There is a weekly project status report template, a project management status report template, a project completion status report template, a monthly project status report template, and there are still many other templates you can find here.

All of the project status report samples found in this article are free. So, just feel free to pick and download your desired template. You have to choose the most appropriate one for your needs. Our templates will guide you to create your own report because you will know the proper format & layout.

Free Customizable Project Status Report Templates

Free project status report templates come with different formats and designs. Sometimes, this kind of report presents the data using a table, graph, chart, or event image. However, if you want to customize the template, you can do it easily using an editing tool.

You can use Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw, Paint, or any other tool. You may need to edit the text and insert or remove an image, a chart, a table, etc. Anyway, customization is sometimes required to fit your needs. To minimize the customization, you have to choose the project status report format you want.  Sample Project Status Report Example

After you are done with the customization, you can print it out. You may also need to have some copies. Then, you should submit the document as soon as possible. Hopefully, the following project status report templates can be the references for anyone who wants to create this kind of report.

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