10+ Project Status Report Templates

Project Status Report Templates

What is a project status report?

Reporting the status of a project is vital for any ongoing project. Project status reporting is a method of communicating the progress of an ongoing project so that it fits the project plan. A project status report contains regular formal reports.

project status report in word design

What does a project status report cover?

Identifying what information is needed by management and project stakeholders is one of the topics of a project status report. In addition, reports can include complexity, project size, and risks faced while working on the project.

The objectives of an effective project status report include; improve the communication of information about the project throughout the organization, simplify the process of gathering and disseminating information about the project, assuring stakeholders that the information conveyed is important and conveyed, communicating important messages about project progress, and increasing organizational support for the project.

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Who is responsible for project status report?

The person responsible for creating the project status report is a Project Manager. He reports the status of ongoing projects to his superiors such as the steering committee, senior managers, sponsors, and other related parties. Apart from the Project Manager, project status reports can also be made by project team leaders, quality managers, and staff who are working on the project. Whoever is the person who is responsible for creating the project status report must share the results of the report with the project team and stakeholders in accordance with the project communication management plan concerned.

How to write a project status report?

1. Get started with templates

It is highly recommended that reports on project status use standardized and procedural templates. This will make your work more efficient.

2. Provide the following information

In order for all major objectives to be met, the status report should contain the following information:

The facts include milestones, planned achievements, use of schedules, use of budgets, and utilization of resources and related variables.

The discrepancy between planned and actual status has occurred. Also determine the status of whether the project has been carried out as planned, earlier than planned, or outside the plan, and state the factors and reasons why the project did not go according to plan.

Analyze the impact of each identified and quantifiable variance. For example, why is the project progress faster or slower than schedule.

Actions to be taken to follow up variances, resolve problems, and expected outcomes for the next status report period.

project status report in word

How to create a status report?

After knowing the meaning of a status report above, choose free status report templates that can be used as a reference for creating your status report. Here are some of the examples you can download for free in our site:

  • Free Project Status Report Templates
  • Free Weekly Project Management Status Report Templates
  • Free Project Progress Report Templates
  • Free Printable Business Project Report Templates
  • Free Sample Monthly Project Status Report Templates
  • Free Blank Project Status Report Templates
  • Free Sample Minor Projects Status Report Templates
  • Free Simple Project Management Report Templates
  • Free Business Project Report Templates
  • Free Weekly Status Report Templates
  • Free Simple Request for Status Report Templates
  • Free Generic Weekly Status Report Templates
  • Free Project Portfolio Status Report Templates
  • Free Quarterly Project Status Report Templates
  • Free Scheduling Solution Implementation Project Status Report Templates
  • Free IT Operation Project Status Report Templates
  • And many more!

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Project Status Report Templates  Design Ideas

project status report template free word project status report word template free

Project Status Report Templates Ideas

project status report customizable word design template project status report example word design

Project Status Report Templates Example

project status report free download word project status report free word template

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