10+ Sample Quality Agreement Template

How to Write a Quality Agreement Template

Quality agreement can be defined as a document that describes specific quality parameter for a project and decide which party who has responsibility to carry out this task. It can be various depending on the project development. Anyway, it is important to learn how to make a quality agreement template.

Basic Elements of Quality Agreement Template

To make a proper quality agreement form, you have to include the following elements. The first element is documentation. You have to keep the original documentation. Besides, it should also include the required things when materials are received.

The second element is change control. Change is inevitable. You need to give approval before you make any change. Then, you can continue to the third element called responsibility matrix. It is a table which breaks down the 2 parties’ responsibilities.

For the next element, you cannot forget providing contact person. Make sure that you list down the contact person of each party. Then, you should include material inspection, testing & release. You will need to inspect & test the material and the bound it.

Labeling control is the next element to be included. You must be clear to state the one who approves the artwork & releases the product labels. Next, you should include rejected materials. In this part, you have to know that product’s physical segregation is done & in-process rejects are handled, too.

Writing a quality contract template also requires you to include complaint handling. You cannot avoid complaint so that have to be able to handle it. You cannot forget including dispute resolution, too. Disagreement will come along the way surely and we do not know when & how it will unfold.

Annual product review is the next part of this agreement. You must review your product on a yearly basis to see whether it passes the standard of quality. You must collect & present the data well. There is also a frame of tie to provide data for this review.

Next, what you have to include is product recall. The products discovered to be low in quality after being sent out are recalled in the store. In this case, agencies must be notified. Next, you must include record retention. In fact, every business has many records to keep for the references of the future.

The next element you must include is product reworking. You need to repair some products if you find damages. It ensures the quality & improves some things which have been overlooked. That is why you must do it.

It is also important to include specifications of each product. If there is notification of changes related to the specs, you will need to list the requirements which justify the change mentioned. Describe it as clear as possible.


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Lastly, you have to include retention samples in the quality agreement template. In fact, there are usually some products left behind for the samples of retention. In this case, you should determine which products that must stay & how the retention samples will be collected.

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