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Reading Log Templates and Designs for Kids to Adults

Reading log is a very helpful form. This form can be used for kids to adults. This form is used to maintain the track of your favorite books and keep a record of it. You can put the list of the books that you have.

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The books that you are currently reading or the books that you have been read on, all of the books you have can be added easily here. You can track back your favorite books without getting any obstacle.

You can submit your books and manage it easier. The reading experience becomes even more fun by having this journal log. As a great tool, this log is used by many people including kids and adults. It is easy to create this form. There are plenty of designs that you may want to know down below.


Reading Log Templates and Designs

As there are a lot of designs that you can follow, you can choose one based on your preference because basically all of the designs have the same function. This template helps to maintain the log based on date, design of book, or even the alphabet of the books.

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You can design your log based on the template that you like. You can try to match the color template of the log to make it looks colorful or close to your preference. There is no standard design of this, but there are certain basic things that you will find in any type of the template.


Things to Write in Reading Log Sample

The reading log template always consists of certain information. Anyone can create this log. It can be used for personal use or for educational stuff. A teacher can create this for the kids. The form you are going to write needs to inform the name, the room of the class and the grade.

Then, there will be tables that show the title of the book, the date of the reading time happen, the pages and the level of the reading. If it is books that are settled for kindergarten, then put an easy level to the hardest one.

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The books that are served for students or adults will also be different. Even so, the details are likely to be the same. Usually, there will be a signature that will be signed by the teacher or the couch of the reading time schedule.

This is just one of the templates with table design that most of people are used. Reading log sample can also be formed with a description and in paragraphs. You can add other additional features that you enjoy such as comments, reactions to pages, sentences, or moment in the book.

You can also add the details of the plot, the motifs of the book, or the theme of the story to synchronize the design. You can arrange the books based on the theme. You can list it from horror series, to mystery, detective, apocalyptic, and crime.

Other theme of books such as romance, health, fiction, tales, or anything can be added in the list. If you do not like arrange it based on the theme then you can just mix it and put the best and favorite in the top of the list. Here are only few tips or things to write in your reading log.



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