4+ Real Estate Market Analysis Templates Sample

Real Estate Market Analysis Templates and how to make it easy to understand

Real estate market analysis templates are the best idea for you who want to make the best real estate. The analysis will help you to make a good plan in detail about the goal, budget, demographic of the target without any difficulties. Therefore, you will get satisfaction in this idea to apply on your activities.

Templates for Analysis of the Real Estate Market Sample

Besides, the accurate real estate also will help you to get more benefits. The comparative market analysis can save you from a thousand on the next home purchase. This one can be a result in a significant to gain when you want to sell the home. It will be better if you can follow some tips below for your analysis.

How to write real estate market analysis templates with the simple way

To make it interesting, you can write the real estate market analysis with the simple way to apply. You can record the address of five house sold and five house for sale in the immediate neighborhood. In this part, you also should include the house only within the same subdivision or within a half-mile radius.

Templates for Commercial Real Estate Market Analysis Sample

After that, you can insert the separate column heading for the number especially for bedroom, bathroom, garage, amenities, and other rooms on the real estate. The detail column field will be inserted in the next step. The amenities also can include a sun room, a swimming pool, or a recreation room.

How to make real estate market analysis templates easy to understand

Furthermore, your analysis also will be easier to understand if you can call the local assessor’s for the information on the sold houses. The assessor usually will help you everything that you want to apply on your analysis. The assessed value is often the sales price of the home and you can ask for assessed value and details for each house noted.

Templates for Comprehensive Housing Market Analysis Sample

If your house has a deck you can ask how large it is and note it. After that, you can write down the square footage and the number of bedroom, bathroom, and also garage parking stands. Other important thing in the sample real estate market analysis is the year of house which has been built and the years of roof.

Write your real estate market analysis templates in detail arrangement

It is important for you to write this analysis in detail because it will facilitate the people to understand about your analysis. Gaining this purpose, you can list all comparable home such as the price and details. If you want to get more accurate information, you can use a minimum of three sold and three for-sale home on your analysis.

Templates for Real Estate Market Analysis 1 Sample Templates for Real Estate Market Analysis Sample 001 Templates for Real Estate Market Analysis Sample 002 Templates for Real Estate Market Feasibility Anlaysis Sample Templates for Residential Market Analysis Sample

Besides, you also can add the price of all comparable homes. In this part, you can divide the number by number of the house in the calculation. This is the estimated market value if the home. You also will get more accurate information by dividing the price per square foot for each.  With this idea, your real estate market analysis templates will be easily to understand.

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