Receptionist Resume Sample

Receptionist job description is a position that requires excellent skills on communication, working in multi-tasks, and capable to handle various tasks at the mean time. You will handle the telephone in the front desk hotel, meeting with customers and give full information related to the service, organizing department directories and giving instruction to employee, ensuring security and monitoring logbook, and many other things.

Receptionist Resume Example

Kyla Haughton

1880 Fifth Avenue, Atlanta, GA, 30627, Phone: +1 (229) 444-5099




Atlanta, GA

05/2017 – present

  • Have been worked with management team and many departments with optimal skills as seen is receptionist resume sample
  • Have capability to arrange the plan and scheduled the list of the works for the hotel employee
  • Capable to develop the flow process and distribute it to the team
  • Can maintain the performance and distribute excellent performance with clear plan and solid schedules
  • Give clear and helpful feedback for the team performance
  • Can perform an established performance of the framework under right policies and procedures
  • Can provide the full support in any form such as FDOT, RTMC Manager, RTMC Administrative Assistant, and many more



Orlando, FL

04/2012 – 05/2017

  • Can assist the framework of the manager and help in many shapes
  • Can build communication with vendors, providers, suppliers, and others
  • Can present a great communication skills to customers and visitors
  • Have great capability to provide complete information for clients
  • Can work and build teamwork with other department to provide best service in overall performance
  • Can provide the facility manager with many different tasks in the office
  • Can perform various important information such departments locations, office locations, places, and other significant things



Jonesboro, AR

10/2008 – 03/2012

  • Can provide best service for clients and have excellent knowledge about the works
  • Capable to identify the troubles, give solutions, develop the performance and participate in the business performance improvement
  • Capable to work with consistent and follows the regulations
  • Ensure the security and safety in the hotel management
  • Can do unlisted and listed works that related to hotel management
  • Can assist the administrative running in general
  • Can meet and assist clients with informative knowledge
  • Can run the front desk administrative duties
  • Handling the phone calls, clients, and the office budget




Bachelor’s Degree in Receptionist Programs



  • Capable to build strong communication for both verbal and writing
  • Have great ability in speaking and communicating various languages
  • Works with credibility and compassionate
  • Can organize tasks and documents
  • Have excellent ability to collect, arrange, and use data
  • Works with detail and accuracy
  • Can provide excellent product quality
  • Capable to join a new team and build new social interaction
  • Easy going and capable to adapt in new environment quickly
  • Have excellent service skills
  • Have proficient skills of operating computer programs
  • Can identify the problem in the projects and capable to give effective resolutions
  • Capable to provide excellent executive level managements that handle supplies and assist the tasks


Receptionist Resume Sample

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