Reference Librarian Resume Sample

Reference librarian resume sample is a good document to help you in getting a new job as a reference librarian. Well, as we know, a resume will be an important document to submit, especially for the recruitment process before the interview section. Through a resume, you are able to show your personal identity as the first consideration by the recruiter to know who you are. Then, a resume also could be used to show detail skills, achievement and experiences, so you could claim as pot entail candidate to be recruited. In this occasion, we will talk about the sample of the resume. By knowing the sample of it, I am sure that making a resume will be easier to do. Well, let us see the detail of it below.

Sample of Reference Librarian Resume

Adam Thompson

5412 Sea Garden, Houston, TX. Phone: +1 (555) 989 1623


Assistant Director or Reference Librarian

Detroit, MI

05/2014 – present

  • Managing or assisting with the special project
  • Providing assistance with the tools of technology
  • Providing the reference and researching support
  • Working collaboratively with the faculty in order to plan and to deliver the instruction of the integrated course
  • Participating in the development, implementation and evaluation of the library service, procedure and policies
  • Delivering the instruction and assisting the research
  • Participating in the professional activities and professional development
  • Assisting with the community outreach activities

AM Reference Librarian

Boston, MA

11/2007 – 11/2013

  • Providing the reference service in all areas of the flow for kinds of jurisdiction, as well as in the areas of the non-law subject
  • Collecting development in the assigned areas
  • Providing the instruction of the research sessions in the classes and individual or the group of research consultation
  • Creating and updating the guides of research
  • Participating in the evening and weekend rotation at the desk of reference
  • Participating in the outreach efforts to the law student, including the exam coffee break, the therapy of dogs and the newsletter
  • Working with the head of public service in order to make a plan and implementation of the new outreach of efforts
  • Doing other duties as it is assigned

Reference Librarian

San Francisco, CA

08/2002 – 07/2007

  • Participating in the workgroups supporting library network cooperation, the improvement of service, awareness of staff or patron and training
  • Assisting in consultation on the development of the upper level of the agency of web pages, supporting the access of public and staff via the internet and the resources of intranet
  • Performing faculty and project researches as it is assigned by the reference library
  • Supporting the management of the user accounts
  • Providing the reference and referral service support
  • Providing the reference assistance for the faculty, students, alumni and the public patron inside the library reference office using the person, telephone, and the consultation of email
  • Providing the teaching assistance in the LRWA program, including the occasional evening teaching
  • Engaging in the development of collection and the management in assigning the subject areas


Quinnipiac University

Bachelor’s Degree in Library



  • Good organizational skill and attention to detail
  • Strong commitment to provide the excellent service
  • Good communication skill both in verbal and written
  • Self-motivation and ability to work independently


Reference Librarian Resume Sample

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