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References Template Sample And Details

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Sometimes, you are usually asked by your employer to provide a reference. So, you have to be able to create a references template. Writing this form needs some tips. For more detailed steps, you can see the discussion below.


How to Write a References Template

This form is also well known as letter of recommendation. This letter should be made simply but you need to follow these some steps. It should be strayed with contact information & greeting. Even though it is not a must, this will make the letter feel more polite.

Salutation is needed, too. You can begin with “Dear Mr. / Mrs. (followed by the employer’s last name)”. If you do not know the last name of the employer, you can simply write “Dear Manager”. If you apply to an academic program, simply just write “Dear Admissions Committee”.

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Now, you can start the paragraph with introduction. Here, you should explain the relationship between you and the one for whom you write the letter. Then, continue it with body overview. You should include specific info about the personal characteristics of the candidate.

The first paragraph must describe about your relationship to the one you recommend. It also includes why you think that he or she meets the requirements. The reasons should be able to convince the employer that the candidate can be a good employee.

Continued to the next paragraphs, you should provide the information about the person you recommend. It may include why he or she is qualified and what he or she can contribute. Here, you have to be specific. If needed, you can also add examples.

You must describe the skills and qualities that relate to the job as detailed as possible. You may need some paragraphs. So, you can write it all on the second, third, and forth paragraph. However, you cannot make it too long because it will be boring.

Letter of reference should be closed with conclusion. For the closing, you should provide the information about contact such as phone number and email address. Here, you may also state that you recommend that person wholeheartedly and without reservation.

Last, you should end it with signature. The signature must be handwritten. Then it should be followed by your name. For the name, it should be typed. If you send it electronically via email, you just need to type your name and followed by your contact info.


Tips to Make References Template

There are some tips in creating this kind of letter. Before starting to write the letter, you must ask the candidate to send his CV, transcript, resume, and other needed materials to you. You can also request any information you want to know. Make sure that you get it all in detailed.

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For the length of the letter, it is usually more than on or 2 paragraphs because you must provide many important points. Besides, references template also requires you to use single space and 1” margin. For the font, Times New Roman, Calibri and Arial become the most popular options.



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