Request for Promotion Letter and The Sample

When you want to advance your current position in the company to a higher level, you probably need to write a request promotion letter. Before you write it, make sure that your qualification, skill, and experience deserve the promotion.

Artikel 77. Request for Promotion Letter and The Sample

What is The Request Promotion Letter?

A request promotion letter is a written document that is used to ask the manager or supervisor in the company you are work in for a higher position or a promotion. After dedicating your loyalty to working over the years in the company makes you want to dedicate more, so you probably want to achieve a higher level which can also challenge you to do something more for yourself and the company.

How Are The Tips in Writing A Request Promotion Letter?

You must be intending to do the best in your promotion to be accepted by the supervisor, including in writing the promotion letter. Here there some tips that you can follow so that you can write a proper Request Promotion Letter:

  • Firstly, before you write a promotion letter, discuss it first with the supervisor or manager, so it is not a sudden thing that will surprise your supervisor in that situation. You also need to study the situation first before you intend to ask for a promotion. Then, after your supervisor kind of give a green light, you can start to write the request promotion letter
  • In writing a request promotion letter, always use formal language as a sign of your professionalism
  • Mention your clear intention which is intended for promotion
  • Explain your qualification such as your education, skill, achievement related to the relevant position, successful project that you accomplished, your loyalty during you work in the company, and anything that can explain that you deserve the position you intend to fill
  • Offer Solution for training a new staff that will fill the last position
  • Closing the letter concisely, and thank the company for the consideration

The Sample of Request Promotion Letter

After deciding to ask for a higher position or promotion, and discuss it with your supervisor, the next step is writing a request promotion letter. This is the sample request promotion letter that can be an idea for you who need a reference.

Here is the example

Dear Mr. Greyjoy,

I want to bring your kind attention that I have been employed by your company for over four years now, and I enjoy working in your company during that time. I have learned a lot in your company and it makes me develop both my personal and professional life. I am sure that you are also not denied of the loyalty and completed successful project that I dedicate for this company, which are boosted the sales of the company 45% compared to last year sale, and always finished the work before the deadline, and gaining more customer each year of the new product that just releases.

With that being said, I am ready for the next challenge, specifically to request a promotion to the sales manager position. I know that the role will require more time and new skills, but I have the qualities that are fit for the job qualification. Besides, I also ready to help with training a new employee regarding this transition.

Thank you for your appreciation and consideration regarding this promotion. If you need to discuss further of this matter, please feel free to call me at any time at 656-4444-9999 or mail me at



Christine Johnson

Sales Representative

List of enclosure: resumes

That is all about the request promotion letter that can you use as your guidance in writing the writer properly and formally. If you have something more that will explain your ability, don’t hesitate to write it in your letter.





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