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Research assistant resume sample will help you when you want to be the new assistant of research in the new company. As we know, a resume becomes the first and the important document that you need to make as the requirement of approval. By using the resume, you are able to show your personal information to the employer or recruiter. Then, a resume is also able to use showing the skills, achievements and experience, which will be the weapon to get the potential candidate to be recruited. Well, in this occasion, we will show you an example of the resume. By seeing the resume, of course making a resume will be easier to do, as your expectation.

Sample of Research Assistant Resume

Ewald Andrew

716 Cassin Neck, Philadelphia, NA. Phone: +1 (555) 712 9912


Research Assistant

San Fransisco, CA

09/2016 – present

  • Performing the research and/or developing the work under the guidance of the investigator, the associate of investigator, or the assistant of investigator and the laboratory of director
  • Completing the activities of the personal development as the part of the management of performance and the planning of development
  • Working in the concert with the manager of program in order to develop and implementing the strategies of patient recruitment
  • Identifying and determining the cause of problem
  • Developing and presenting the recommendation for the improvement of the program and practice of establishment
  • Researching and developing the resource that create the efficient workflow
  • Assisting the setting up and the method of performing development

Research Assistant

New York, NY

08/2012 – 05/2016

  • Assisting in performing the development of method, the validation and some kinds of analysis in various matrices
  • Providing the assistance in the development of the newsletters, reports and the presentations
  • Programing and managing the database of study
  • Performing the procedure of data cleaning
  • Assisting using the basic data analysis
  • Providing the assistance in the development of reports, grants, presentation and the analysis of the data
  • Providing assistance to the lab manager and post-docs
  • Developing and sustaining the contract with the faculty, the staffs and the other kind of constituents within and outside the university
  • Increasing the procedure of the work product in order to increase the performance of the company


State University of California, Fullerton

Bachelor’s Degree in Related Discipline



  • PhD in the field of macro-economics
  • Excellent broad in the training or economics
  • Strong ability in programming
  • Good knowledge in the kinds of modeling of macro-economics
  • Highly responsible, highly motivated and very well organized individual with the great attention to the detail
  • Very dependable
  • Able to demonstrate a respect for the importance of how to work practicing and attention to the detail of the data quality
  • Organized, self-motivated, professional and able to receive instruction
  • Excellent organizational skills, including the strong attention to the detail
  • Ability to manage the time efficiently and effectively
  • Excellent skills of follow up
  • Good communication skills in both written and verbal
  • Good ability in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Ability to apply the detail knowledge of the procedures of organizational
  • Serve as the senior management team to increase the performance of company


Research Assistant Resume Sample

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