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Research poster, as the name suggests, is a poster attached to a research presentation. Posters are indeed often used by academics to summarize information or research in a concise, clear, and concise manner while simultaneously attracting the attention of the public to discuss research topics delivered in the relevant presentation.

Research Poster in psd design

Things that make a good research poster

In order to make a good research poster, you first need to know the criteria for a good poster, namely:

  • The contents of the poster must be read at a distance of at least 5 meters, so the size and type of font used must be large and easy to read
  • The title of the poster should be brief and interesting
  • The number of words is around 300 to 800 words
  • Use bullets, numbering, and headlines so that the poster is easy to read
  • Use effective illustrations, graphics, images, colors, and font types
  • Make sure the layout is consistent and clean
  • Include your name, your institution’s affiliations, and acknowledgments


Here are the things that can be a benchmark for you to make a good research poster

  • Focus the research poster on the most important, interesting, or amazing findings in the research you are working on and present.
  • Determine whether you want to illustrate your findings by using diagrams, graphs, tables, photographs, or pictures. Then, choose the appropriate research poster template. You can choose from many templates such as Research Poster Chart Templates, Research Poster Image Templates, Research Poster Graph Templates, etc.
  • Make sure the type of information you put forward during the presentation complements your research poster.

Research Poster psd templates

All the templates that we provide for free on this site can be used with various types of software, such as PowerPoint, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, and Open Source Alternatives such as OpenOffice, Inkscape, GIMP, Gliffy, and Lovely Charts.


What SHOULD be in a research poster template

1. Simple layout

As the saying goes, less is more. Communicate important information in your research presentation by using a research poster template with a simple layout. You don’t need templates that include cute graphics or other irrelevant elements.

Research Poster psd

2. Decide whether to use a portrait or landscape oriented template

Adjust the content of your presentation whether the layout required is portrait-oriented or landscape-oriented.

Research Poster templates psd

3. Light colors for backgrounds

To avoid distracting viewers, use templates with soft colors, such as white or other light colors. If you want to be creative, stick to subtle gradients.


What SHOULD NOT be in a research poster templates

1. Use inconsistent styles

A good poster is easy to understand its contents in a glance. So, we always recommend using bold texts, clear colors, and readable font types.

2. Cluttered

Posters that are too complicated can be difficult to read and understand. This should be avoided especially in research posters because the contents of research are often heavy and difficult topics.

Research Poster templates for photoshop

3. The resolution is too small

Remember, posters must be presented and printed in large sizes. So, make sure the resolution is not too small.

Research Poster psd templates

Research Poster Design Ideas

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Research Poster Ideas

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