Resignation Letter Due to Personal Reasons

Resignation Letter Due to Personal Reasons

If you plan to quit your current job due to some personal reasons, ensure you are able to explain it properly in the resignation letter. It is an important document you need to give to the company to explain further about your reason for resignation.

2 Resignation Letter Due to Personal Reasons

What is a good reason for resigning?

When it comes to job resignation, some personal reasons make you have to leave your current job. Some are urgent reasons, such as health issues, family circumstances, continue your study at higher levels, and many more. For other reasons, such as because of other job opportunities, carrier change, marriage, or pregnancy, whatever your reason is, ensure to explain them nicely even though you are going to leave the company.

How to leave a job for personal reasons?

While explaining your reasons to leave the job, take a look at some important tips below that you may follow.

  1. Think carefully about your reason for leaving

Here, you could be honest about your reason and make it brief. Before you are talking to the company about your reason for leaving the job, ensure you have thought carefully about your decision so that it will be easier for you to explain in front of the interviewer.

  1. Ensure to provide positive answers

If you happen to leave the job because of bad circumstances, you should be able to explain it positively. For instance, instead of saying that you don’t like the job anymore, try to tell that you are looking for a new career path for better career growth.

  1. Prepare a resignation letter

To maintain a nice relationship between you and the company, ensure to come with a prepared resignation letter. It is not only part of the obligated documents to submit, but it also shows your professional manner towards the company you ever worked in.

How to create a resignation letter due to personal reasons?

The paragraph below will guide you to create a proper resignation letter step-by-step. Now, let’s take a look at the important steps you shouldn’t miss below.

  1. Prepare your reason and be brief

The first thing to consider before writing the resignation letter is to think of the best reason to leave the job. While explaining in the letter, ensure you tell it straight to the point. A brief explanation would create a preferably nice impression.

  1. Create the resignation letter at least a month before

Each company usually has different terms and conditions for the resigned employee. If it is possible, ensure to submit the resignation letter a month before you leave the job. As a result, don’t forget to write down the exact date of the job resignation.

  1. Deliver your gratitude for the job opportunity

To ensure a nice relationship with the current company and other colleagues, don’t forget to deliver your gratitude for the job opportunity given to you. A paragraph of appreciation words would leave such a nice impression.

  1. Finish your duties properly

Even though you are going to leave the job, ensure to completing your duties as professionally as possible. In other words, don’t leave your duties uncompleted before you leave the company.


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