Creating a Resignation Letter Due to Stress

Work does sometimes torment some people. The number of tasks with a narrow deadline timeframe makes a person easily exposed to burnout. Burnout is a condition where a person feels stressed about his work and feels dizzy about the burden. If left unchecked, the mind will become more stressed, and the body will respond to danger, and various diseases will come easier. Instead of disrupting the health of the body, it is better to resign from a laborious job. Using the resignation letter due to stress is the best thing for the above problem.

98. Creating a Resignation Letter Due to Stress

Can I quit my job because of stress?

Surely you can! You can disclose your concerns to the company’s board of directors about the level of stress obtained. If you are no longer decisive on the burden given to you, do not hesitate to resign from your current job and take a break while calming your tired mind. If you are hesitant to say so, using a resignation letter due to stress is the best solution to overcome this.

How do you create a resignation letter due to stress?

No standard rules are governing the writing of a resignation letter due to stress. You can write in a formal language and according to your needs. However, it’s good to take a look at some tips in writing them, such as:

  1. At the very least, you should write about three paragraphs
  2. Write down resignation details, such as dates, etc.
  3. Pay attention to grammar and spelling
  4. Write in a warm tone


Here is an example that you can use for resignation purposes.

Dear Mr. Rooney

From this letter, I would like to inform you and the management of the company that I am stepping down from my job position as sales director of AAA Inc. Of course, this may surprise you and the board of directors, but my decision has been firm on that. I was too tired and dizzy to take care of all the work that was lavished, considering the working hours were too long, so I did not get a work-life balance. I was anxious about my physical condition, and of course, my increasingly stressful state of mind.

Effective January 1, 2020, I am officially resigning from my beloved job. Of course, before I leave, I want to complete all the existing work and assist in the transition to another manager or director. I want to take responsibility before relinquishing my duties as a director. I apologize for the news of my resignation, which will probably shock management.

Again, I would like to apologize to the company’s board of directors for my move, and I hope the company’s communication relationship can continue to be established. If you have some questions about me, you can contact me at (000)-000-0000. Thank you.

Best Regards

Alex J. Show

There are some brief reviews on how to make a resignation letter due to stress easily. Don’t cause your fatigue at work a burden on your mind’s health.


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