Resignation Letter due to Stress Letter

Overloaded with a lot of works that place you in a tight spot with long hours and short deadlines for every task can be too much to bear on your own. Whatever the salary that will come out of it, it is not fairly wise to sacrifice your own body and soul to be like clockwork working with long hours that will affect your health. If you feel you have passed the limit of your health, especially stress. You will need some time to hit the bed or resign from your job by handing in a resignation letter due to stress.

143.Resignation Letter due to Stress

What is a Resignation Letter due to Stress?

A resignation letter due to stress is a formal letter of resignation designated to the employer informing your withdrawal from your position at a company due to stress or burnout. This type of letter is not a voluntary resignation as it is written due to the employee’s severe mental health that has reached the limit. However, when writing the letter, the employee may choose whether to disclose their specific health issues or not.

Is it Okay to Quit due to Burnout?

Burnout or stress is a stage where an employee does not want to be there. Being on that stage will cause your work to be numb and not supportive of the co-workers as you are mentally stressed with your mind and soul. It is always wise for the employee to write a resignation letter due to stress and quit the job if it already places them in a fragile condition to prevent any unprecedented happening in the future.

Hints in Writing a Strong Resignation Letter due to Stress

You might feel redundant in writing the letter as you are already on the verge of collapsing due to your great stress. Observing several hints in writing a resignation letter due to stress below will help put your mind at ease.

  • Keep your professionality and courtesy
  • Deprive any emotional attachment
  • Provide doctor’s note
  • Stay humble and grateful for the experience

The Sample of a Resignation Letter due to Stress

If you have mastered the hints in writing the letter, now, it is the time to take a look at the below sample to observe the order of the letter and make it your own version.

Dear Mr. Braun

In response to my devastating health issues, I am formally writing this letter as my resignation from Blind Company as a team manager. It is without my expectation that I cannot bear the weight of being under the pressure of experiencing excessive stress. The long hours and lots of projects that require precise results and short deadlines have pushed me over the edge that I could no longer keep up with the work. This letter should come to effect as of 24th April 2020 and officially be my 2 week-notice.

Despite that fact, I would still do my utmost contribution to serve the company until the given date. Any unfinished projects and assignments will still be finished under my supervision and my team. Should you wish to find my replacement, I would oblige to be of any assistance.

I am truly sorry for any inconvenience that this letter may have caused you, if there are any questions you wish to ask, please reach out to me at 09284948.

Thank you for your time and cooperation

Best Regards,


Mr. Auron Phillips


That is all the necessary helpful hints to help you out in writing the resignation letter.

The hints and the sample should really come in handy, especially if you writing a resignation letter due to stress to quit your job.

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