Why should you create a resignation letter for transfer?

While working in a certain company, there will be a time when you need to resign to move to another job title or division. Even if it is still in the same company as the previous one, a resignation letter for transfer to the same company is still needed. To maintain professionalism and to secure legal and proper documentation, read the following paragraphs below until the end.

184 Why should you write a resignation letter for transfer

How to tell the boss for a resignation to transfer?

Before writing a resignation letter for transfer to the same company, you need to inform your boss about the resignation and consult for any necessary things to do for the transition. Here are the important things you may follow while telling the boss about a transfer.

  1. Set a proper schedule to talk with the boss

To ensure that both you and the boss have a nice and relaxed time to talk further about the resignation to transfer to the same company, contact the boss to have a meeting after the work to discuss things together.

  1. Be prepared with the reasons for transferring

Before talking and discussing with your boss, ensure that you have been prepared with serious and acceptable reasons for the job transferring. Convince your boss about the transfer by mentioning your value and capabilities to the new job.

  1. Provide a resignation letter for transfer to the same company

To maintain your professionalism in working, creating a resignation letter for transfer would show that your high respect for the boss. Even after you have discussed so many things directly, the resignation letter would be a very great idea to follow after it.

What to include in a resignation letter for transfer?

In writing a resignation letter for transfer, there are several important points you have to include in the letter. Find out more about them in the following paragraphs below.

  1. Address the letter formally by following the formal lettering format. Besides, you may adjust this part with the kind of letter you use. It could be either the formal email lettering format or the conventional one.
  2. Open with a formal salutation and at the beginning of the paragraph, mention the main objective of the letter. While doing so, you may need to introduce yourself which includes name, job title, and company.
  3. Then, inform the employer about the new position you are applying for. Then, it will be followed with important reasons for the transfer which will also be supported with the abilities and experiences related to the new job position.
  4. The paragraphs in the letter should be around two to three paragraphs. It could be more or less but make sure to not brag a lot in the letter and highlight only important things politely and professionally.
  5. Close with a nice conclusion and attach your contact information with an offer to help in completing any matters dealing with the job transition process. Deliver a thank-you statement and end the letter with a formal closing salutation with your signature, name, and job title as well as the name of the company.



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