How to Make a Resignation Letter from Church Position

Surely a church worker will experience various political turmoil and emotions that will undoubtedly involve yourself personally and be the biggest reason to resign. Sending a resignation letter from church position is the best way to do it with professional and respectful steps, without hurting feelings and damaging relationships that have been entwined before. Indeed, using a letter will keep you out of the ranks of church workers with respect and not cause any problems. Follow some quick tips in making it!

39. How to Make a Resignation Letter from Church Position

How do I resign from a church position?

There are several short steps to resign from the order of church workers, such as:

  1. Try to send a resignation letter from church position to the core caretaker of the church.
  2. Wait for a reply or immediately meet the pastor for your intentions and reasons for stepping down from the church worker
  3. Reveal all the reasons without cover-up
  4. Immediately return all church inventory is no exception
  5. Submit a formal statement


How do you write a letter of resignation for a church ministry?

In writing the resignation letter from church position, there are some quick tips in writing letters correctly and adequately. By writing correctly and adequately, you can get out of church workers’ orders without any significant problems. Here are the tips for making it:

  1. Give an opening expression and your intention to leave the order of church workers
  2. Briefly explain the reason behind the resignation
  3. Include a stop date
  4. Write briefly, solidly, and clearly.

A Perfect Example

Here’s an example that you can use later. The letter tells of a church worker who intended to resign because of health concerns.

Dear Mr. John

Good morning! Through this letter, I intend to resign from the position I am currently in as a choir member in the church. Indeed, in the matter of this resignation, I have a strong reason for this. My health has started to decline in recent months, and of course, this has been my most formidable challenge in joining the church choir. Most of my family members have also left me where I came from, so I have to take care of myself and other family members without the help of others. I believe this is the most excellent decision I’ve taken, and I apologize for it.

Effective January 1, 2020, I am officially resigning from the ranks of the church choir. I truly regret this decision and may be useful to myself and others. I am happy to assist you in choosing a new choir member or recommending someone of the same ability. If you have any questions to answer immediately or have important information, you can call at (000)-000-0000 or via email. Thank you very much.


Best Regards



That’s a brief explanation of how to write a resignation letter from church position. You can modify it and edit it as needed and desired.

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