Resignation to a Job that You Just Started and the Letter Sample

Feeling nervous about how to make an excuse to resign from a job that you just started? It surely is confusing. This problematic kind of whirl could divide your mind into two ways which are thinking that it is not worth your employer’s impression as you just started the job or you need to still write it to maintain a decent courtesy. Either way, the best solution is to keep writing your resignation to a job that you just started letter to leave a goodwill on the company.

164.Resignation to a Job that You Just Started

What is a Resignation to a Job that You Just Started Letter?

a resignation to a job that you just started is a letter of formal notification concerning your short employment at your company. habitually, people will stay on their job for at least a year. Still, it is not uncommon for an individual to last for 6 months at their job due to some variables. Whatever the reason may be, they should still give a 2 week-notice of their resignation request.

Is it Comforting to Leave a Job You Just Started?

Nobody can decide when it is the right time for you to quit the job. Either the reason is personal or conditional to your sudden expectation in your resignation to a job that you just started letter, you need to keep your professionalism intact. Though, it sure looks like you take the job for granted for quitting so soon. You will have to make it seem like you do not rush your employment.

Procedures in Writing a Resignation to a Job that You Just Started

A good letter should consist of a good format of writing as well. By writing it in accordance with the order, you should have a delicate resignation to a job that you just started letter at your disposal. Try the below list of tips to have you ready for it.

  • Be conscious of why you want to leave
  • State your name and position clearly
  • Put out your reason for leaving
  • Do not make it seem rushed
  • Deliver your gratitude for the short employment

The Sample of a Resignation to a Job that You Just Started

It is without questions that your mind is all over the place and you could not think straight about what to write in your letter. You might want to have a sample of the letter so you can study it and write your own version based on that.

Dear Mr. Arthur,


I hereby notify you of my sudden resignation as a back-end developer at UI company in this letter. This possible unpleasant event occurs as I have a serious family matter that requires me to quit my current job. I know I only start this job for one day. I hope this notification will not be of any inconvenience to you. My last day will on 15th July 2018. Please, let this be my formal 2 week-notification.

I am sincerely sorry if this might pose an inconvenience to any parties at the company. in my last 2 weeks of work, I would greatly do my work at the finest to reduce any inconvenience that might harm your company. If there is ever anything you need to ask about this, you can text me at 103—4949399.

Thank you for all the experience and the run for one day of work at your company. It surely is a lovely environment to be involved in your progression towards the future vision and mission of the company

Thank you for the time and consideration

Sincerely Yours,


Mr. Hazard


That concludes the end of the line of the information that will come useful for your necessities in writing the resignation letter.

A resignation to a job that you just started letter should fulfill your exigency when you want to quit your job in a hurry.

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