Resignation With Regret and Its Sample

No matter how long you have worked, there is always time for you to resign or leave your job due to various factors. The reason for your leaving could be because you are getting a new job, you are moving out somewhere else with your family, wanting to gain a new atmosphere, getting married, health issue, or even maternity reason.

Artikel 173. Resignation With Regret and Its Sample

What is a Resignation Letter?

A resignation letter is a document that functioned to inform the reader or usually the employer that you will leave your current job due to various factors. No matter what the reason you leave, you should write a letter formally and gracefully about your resignation, and also tell the employer the reason why you are quitting your job.

What Should I Include in Resignation Letter?

Just because you will no longer meet your employer, doesn’t mean you should not paying attention to the way you leave your job. It should be done formally and gracefully and should pay attention to words that you input in your letter such as:

  • The clear reason why you are leaving your job, you should state it politely and in a good choice of words
  • The exact date you leave
  • Offering help to train new employee that will fill your position 
  • Thank the employer for the great experience and opportunity

What Should not Include in Resignation Letter?

Not all things can be written in your resignation letter, because there are might be some that are not appropriate to be written in a resignation letter, for instance:

  • Giving a critique and saying something negative about the company or your boss
  • Bragging about your new job
  • Writing it emotionally and lacking formality

Should I Write Resignation Letter Gracefully?

Yes, of course, no matter what the reason is, whether you hate your current job, or otherwise you still love the current job and will resign with regret, you should leave your job using a notification document or letter and then write it formally and gracefully.

Resignation with Regret Sample

If now is the time for you to leave your current job even though you still love working in that company, sadly because of some reasons you should leave it with regret, so here we are giving you a reference that hopefully can be helpful for you to write a resignation letter with regret gracefully.

This is the sample

Dear Mr. Robinson

I am writing you this letter today to regretfully notify you of my upcoming resignation as Human Resource Director in Brown Company. I will be leaving the company starts on the 23rd of July. I enjoy working in this company, and I also love the current job and the people here, thus I truly regret to inform you about my decision to leave my current job, but due to some factors, I should leave this great company. I will be getting married 2 months from now. Furthermore, I also will be moving out to another town with my spouse because he works there. Besides, I also need to prepare for my wedding a month before it is held. I appreciate your understanding of this important time in my life.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to let me join this great company for 7 years. I’ve greatly enjoyed and grateful for the opportunity and the experience that I have spent here with a great team. I have truly enjoyed working here in the Human Resource Department as HR Director, managing staff performance, motivating staff, designing and directing training programs, and identifying staff needs. I have grown and learned so much in this company which makes me be a more skillful person and gives me a lot of lessons that I will carry throughout my life.

Please let me know if you would like assistance filling my position. I’ll do everything possible to help you train a new member before my departure. I’ll be very much pleased to help. If you have questions or concerns about this matter please don’t hesitate to call me at (848)-345-9999 or mail me at I wish the team member and the company continued success. Thank you so much for the opportunity and your understanding in this matter.

Best regards,



Margaery Cooper

That is all about the resignation letter with regret. No matter what is the reason, you need to send the document which informs the employer about your leaving, and you should write it formally and gracefully.


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