What is a Retirement Letter of Appreciation

It’s not easy to lose a good employee or coworker, even if the reason is a proper retirement. A well-thought-out retirement appreciation letter can make a goodbye a little easier to give and receive. Written correctly, this letter was instrumental in ending the retiree’s employment relationship on a positive note.

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Content and Format of Retirement Letter of Appreciation

The tone of the award letter is generally less formal than other business letters. A pension appreciation letter is used to declare an employee’s future retirement and express gratitude. The body of the letter is dedicated to a positive example of a working relationship followed by sincere good wishes for the future.

Sample of Retirement Letter of Appreciation

This example of a retirement appreciation letter is written by an employer to an employee. The boss accepted the employee’s resignation letter and expressed some grief over his departure. The boss uses specific examples to let the employee know that he is valued and appreciated during his time with the company.

How to Make and an example of a Retirement Award Letter

Dear Yalla,

I received an official notification of your resignation from our company. I admit that your last day with Tour Productions will be March 1, 2020. I accept your resignation with some regret. While I wish you all the best for your retirement, you will leave a void in our team that will be difficult to fill. Appreciate your years of dedication.

Your list of accomplishments will take up more space than this letter allows, so I’ll only mention two. Three years ago, you started with a feedback system for new customers that allowed us to respond to complaints from customers within two hours of receiving them. This year you created a new intranet network that allows our employees on three continents to share information according to their needs and regardless of time differences. You don’t just imagine these ideas, you proactively fight for their approval and then implement them in no time.

I am sure your co-workers will miss your beautiful smile and your positive attitude very much. In all the years you have worked for me, I don’t remember hearing you speak negatively about other people. Your work ethic is perfect and you arrive early and are always the first to volunteer for overtime. As you know, we have decided to fill your position by promoting Gerry John. I realize it will take time for her to develop your skill level and polish, but I hope you can practice before you leave.

Yalla, you will be missed very much. I enjoy you on my team. I hope that as I prepare to retire, people say half of the positive things about me that they say about you. I hope you will keep in touch. Congratulations on your retirement. I wish you all the best.

Best regards,

Ms. Hanna Kerl

Marketing Communications Manager

Tour Productions




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