4+ Roommate Rental Agreement Sample Template

Roommate Rental Agreement Template and how to make it easy to understand

To live with a roommate is not always easy so that writing this roommate rental agreement template is important to anticipate something happens. This agreement will state the financial obligation for each party and it also can establish what constitutes acceptable roommate behavior. It also will set up the system for sharing spaces and household chores.

This one is also usually called as a roommate agreement where it is a contract between you and your roommate. In this agreement, if the lease allows you to add a roommate without a landlord’s consent then you can do it well. Therefore, it is important for you to write this agreement with a good arrangement to make it easy to understand.

How to write roommate rental agreement template with the good arrangement

The first step should you do in writing this roommate rental form agreement template is recognizing the difference between the lease and a roommate agreement. In this section, before you sit down with your roommate, you can draft and sign this agreement to separate from the lease because it is a legal agreement between the tenant and landlord.

This agreement is a relationship between the individual tenants and it is not considered a legally binding document. In this section, you also will understand that it allows you and your roommate agreeing on the terms of living with each other. You also can use this agreement as a preference if there is a dispute between you and your roommate.

How to make roommate rental agreement template easy to read

When you want to make this agreement is easy to read, you have to make sure that you commit to a roommate agreement. You can write a rule and term of agreement. Both of them are not legally binding but they should follow in a good faith. The terms in the agreement also should be followed by both of you whenever possible.

Besides, you also can sit down together and draft an agreement in this section.  You can set aside one to two hours of time before moving day or within a few days to move in together. You also can write a draft roommate rental agreement template to ensure both you and your roommate clear on the rules and the terms of the space.

Create a good draft for your roommate rental agreement template

Creating a draft is important to facilitate you in writing the agreement document. In this section, you can state your name and the address of the residence. You can start the agreement by writing the names of both roommate and also the complete address of the residence. In this part, you can include the unit number of the apartment.


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In addition, you also can agree on the division of the rent payment. In this last section, you can specify the exact amount of rent each roommate will pay each month. After that, your roommate rental agreement template will be impressive if you note what happens if one roommate wants to terminate the lease in order to make it impressive.

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