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How to Write a Sales Agency Agreement Step by Step

Sales agency agreement is a document that defines the terms when a sales agent becomes an independent contractor for a company. He or she promotes the products or services of the company. The payment depends on how many sales he or she has during each period of pay.

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Step by Step in Writing a Sales Agent Agreement

If you want to write a sales agency agreement template, there are some steps that you will have to follow. First of all, you need to introduce the agreement. You can begin with the title of the agreement. After that, you should mention the 2 parties involved in this agreement.

Then, do not forget to describe what they do. Next, you can continue identifying yourself as well as the sales representative. Here, you have to add all the recitals, all the needed info of both parties like their names, their addresses, their phone numbers, and any other important contact details.

The second step is to define the agreement range. In this step, you have to state whether he or she is an independent contractor. It is also a must to list the tasks of your sales representative without missing any detail. You need to give her or him a time where she or he has to submit the written report of sales.

Still related to the second step, she or he has to know he or she will be paid. Therefore, it is important to explain them about how the compensation agreement is calculated & you should provide them with pay slips each month without fail.

Writing a sales agency contract template also requires you to describe termination. In this section, you have to mention the duration or time of the agreement. For example, it relates to how long the sales representative will work with you as well as how long the agreement is for.

Still related to the termination description, you should give the details of all possible reasons to him or her for termination clearly. Besides that, you also still need to state the termination effects as well as what will happen if she or he is terminated.

The forth step is to preserve your rights. This is really important to clarify that you have the business or company. Therefore, you have to show the proof documents you do. In this case, non-disclosure agreement or confidentiality statement becomes a crucial part of this agreement.

You cannot forget to include it in the sales agreement. You are also required to add an indemnification agreement, limitations & liability provisions in the agreement. In this case, you have to understand what each of them stands for as well as what they do.

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Lastly, you have to conclude & finalize your sales agency agreement. Here, you must add a notice period, provide the laws, and put signatures. Finally, show the agreement to your lawyer so that it can be checked and reviewed. If there is something that needs to be revised, you have to do that.

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