8+ Sales Commission Agreement Template Sample

How to Write a Sales Commission Agreement Template Properly

Sales commission agreement can be defined as a contract made between employer & employee that outlines various factors of the nature of their relation. So, if you are in a sales business, you have to be able to create a sales commission agreement template properly. In this article, we will discuss it further.

Agent Commission Sales Agreement


When Do You Need a Sales Commission Agreement Template?

A sales commission contract template includes the working relationship details. Besides that, it also includes the expected employment terms. One more, this also includes the percentage of commission they will earn and any included wage or salary.

Non Standard Commission Sales Agreement

This agreement is a very essential tool when you hire a new salesperson to the company. Besides that, it is also very vital if you enter a new job and works as a salesperson where the payment method is a commission. In addition, it is good for both employer & employee to avoid misunderstanding.

What to Include in a Sales Commission Agreement Template

A salesperson commission agreement template contains some crucial sections. There are some items that must be included. It aims to make sure that both employer & employee understand that their rights & obligations are protected. Here are the items to be addressed in this agreement.

The first is authorization. This agreement has to give a written authorization to the sales representative to sell the services or products for the employer. In this section, you may also need to include restrictions on the representatives selling like territories.

Still related to authorization, you can also include verbiage which indicates that the representative has to sell under the pricing structure of the employer. In addition, it also requires the approval of the employer for any discount. Anyway, authorization is very essential part that you cannot skip here.

The second is documentation. In this part of agreement, you have to state the requirements that a sales representative utilizes the company-approved as well as provides documentation & tools in order to track their sales, submission, recording and also opportunities. Make sure that you state it completely.

The next is non-compete section. It requires the sales representative to promise to not represent any other company or brand that can be considered as a direct competitor for a period of time after his or her employment has ended. Of course, it relates to the profit of the company or the business.

Non-disclosure is the next part or section to be included. In this part, the sales representative should state that they will act in the best employer’s interest as well as keep confidential info & intellectual protected property at all times. The next section is commission structure that lays out the commission.

Sales Agency Agreement Sales Commission Affliative Agreement Sales Compensation Agreement Sales Rep Compensation Agreement Sales Representative Agreement Sample Commission Sales Agreement

Last, a sales commission agreement template must contain acceptance, too. At the end of the agreement, both parties should accept the agreement. So, they have to sign it off followed with date. With their signatures, the agreement will be valid. Now, you can practice writing your own agreement.

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