Sample Cat Bill of Sale

How to Make a Sample Cat Bill of Sale Template

Bill of sale is also sometimes needed for the purchase of cat. Cat bill of sale becomes a proof that to the ownership that the sale process is complete. Then, the cat becomes yours legally. So, if you often buy or sell a cat, it is very important to pay attention to the following sample cat bill of sale.

Sample Bill of Sale for Cat Templates


How to Write a Sample Cat Bill of Sale

To write a cat bill of sale template, you need to include some important elements. A right format of cat bill of sale at least includes 6 elements and you cannot miss them or even only one of them. Below, we will discuss those important elements one by one.

Sample Cat Bill of Sale 001 Templates

You should begin with the information of both parties. For example, you can start with the details of the seller. Here, you need to state the seller’s name first and then followed with his or her address. The seller can be a company or store so that you should provide the company’s name & address.

For the buyer, you also need to provide at least the buyer’s name & address. It also happens if the buyer is a company or store where should state the company’s name & address. If there are other details of information about the seller and buyer, you can also add them.

After describing both seller & buyer, now you should provide a description of the kitten or cat which is sold. There are some details to be included related to the cat. For example, you can describe the cat’s breed, sex, color, age, and other relevant and needed details. The more complete is better.

In the cat bill of sale sample, you must include the price, too. If there is more than one cat being sold, you should input the price of each cat. In fact, different cat may have different prices. If there is tax or discount, you also need to include it. Then, you must calculate it to find the total price.

Sometimes, there are other items that are included in the cat sale. If any, you also must provide those all items. For example, the sale does not only include a cat but also the food, a collar, a carrier, and any other related item. Those items can be included in a package or they have separated costs.

Many cases happen that the seller gives a warranty for the sale. If there is a warranty, it means you must include a statement of the warranty made by the seller about the rights of ownership to the cat. However, you can skip it if there is no warranty included in the sale agreement.

To make it valid, the bill of sale must be signed off by both parties. Let the seller & buyer sign off the bill of sale. The signatures must be handwritten and original. Hopefully this sample cat bill of sale will be a useful reference.


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