5+ Sample Electronic Receipt Template

Step by Step to Write a Sample Electronic Receipt Template

If you often make online transactions, you will need an electronic receipt. It is like a paper-based receipt but it is sent via email or electronically. If you want to make it but still not familiar with this receipt, you can pay attention to the following sample electronic receipt template.

Sample Printable Receipt Format Templates


How to Write a Sample Electronic Receipt Template

This electronic receipt template sample will be useful because it may be a bit complex when it comes to the format of electronic receipt. You have to know what goes into an electronic receipt. If you want to make a proper electronic receipt, you have to make sure to include the following items.

Sample Electronic Receipt s Templates

First of all, you have to provide the subject line. Subject line can be different from one to another. For example, you can include the service / product name, how much it is, the order number, etc. However, some businesses do not require a subject line.

Secondly, you need to say “Thank You”. Even though it is not a must, some cases make it more polite. When you cannot say thank you directly to the customer, saying Thank You in an electronic receipt will always be a good idea. For example, you can simply write “Thanks for your order”.

Thirdly, you should include billing information regarding how you bill your customer. It can be a reminder for them. Here, you may need to include the card you billed, the date you billed your MasterCard, the name of the card, etc.

In this electronic receipt form sample, you can also find shipping information. You have to provide as detailed as data you have such as when you will ship the items, the method of shipping you will use, when they can expect the delivery, how to track the package, etc.

You also need to list down the items being purchased. In fact, there may be more than one product or service purchased. Besides the list of purchased items, you also must include the cost and even other relevant details such as color, size, status, duration, warranty, or any other detail.

You cannot forget to include the order number or invoice number into the electronic receipt. In fact, sometimes you will need a way to identify the order. Therefore, you have to pair a number to each order. Place it somewhere prominent on the electronic receipt so that the customer can find it fast.

Sometimes, you also need other relevant actions. For examples are to edit your account settings, print the electronic receipt, view licenses, change services, update the payment information, etc. So, the customer will have a smooth and satisfying experience with your service, brand, or company.

If there is any other information about the product, you have to include it. Once you complete fulfill the template, you have to send the electronic receipt soon. Usually, it is sent via email but you can consider other methods. Hopefully this sample electronic receipt template will be useful.


Sample Format of Electronic Receipt Templates

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