Sample Expense Report Templates

Sample Expense Report Templates for Various Uses

An expense report is a document that summarizes the cost of a particular project, items or event you may have. This kind of report is very important. That is why you have to be able to make it on your own. The following sample expense report will help you create your own report.

Sample Expense Report Template 2

The Uses of Sample Expense Reports

Writing an expense report is very challenging. Even more, it is also time-consuming. Fortunately, we provide you expense report samples. The following samples will guide you to write your own report easily. You can download our samples free.

Sample Business Expense Report Form

The templates available in this article have the proper formats. So, you can use them as references if you want to write this kind of report. The samples come in various designs & templates. They are made based on the type of business or project. So, you have to pick the most appropriate one for your needs.

Who Can Use Sample Expense Reports?

The following expense report templates can be used by both employees and employers. Employers like the HRD will be able to keep tracking such proceedings for every employee. On the other hand, employees will be able to present their travel bills.

Sample Employee Expense Report 2

Even though these templates are handy, you have to adjust them to your data. So, you may need some customizations. Since these templates are editable, you can customize them using an editing tool easily to fit your needs. This kind of report will also be beneficial for cost management.

The Benefits of Sample Expense Reports

Our templates are customizable. The following customizable expense report templates let you edit your desired template easily. Besides that, all of the templates available in this article are free. It means you can download your preferred template easily and free.

Sample expense report template excel

Then, these templates are also printable. You can save the templates in your desired format and then print them out whenever you want. One more, they come with nice designs. The template samples are not only eye-catching but also easy to read. So, it is a good decision to follow the formats.

The Examples of Expense Report Templates

There are so many expense report sample templates available in this article. Based on the purpose, this kind of report can be divided into a medical expense report, a foundation expense report, an employee expense report, a travel & expense report, etc.

Besides, there are still visitor expense reports, business expense reports, trip expense reports, monthly expense reports, weekly expense reports, etc. Just feel free to pick your preferred template based on the type of expense report you want to write. So, you have to be careful in choosing the report sample.    Sample FOUNDATION EXPENSE REPORT Sample MEDICAL EXPENSE REPORT Sample travel and expense report Sample Visitors Expense Report

Based on the time frame, monthly expense reports can be considered as the most common type. However, there are some companies that require a weekly report. For an annual expense report, it is very rare but still possible. Hopefully, our sample expense report can be a useful reference for you all.

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