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Sample Hotel Receipt Template Guidelines

When the hotel guests depart, at the time they should get a hotel receipt. It serves a proof that the guests have given the payment for the hotel accommodation including the services. If you want to make this receipt, you will need to pay attention to the following sample hotel receipt.

Sample Blank Hotel Receipt Templates


How to Write a Sample Hotel Receipt

Writing a hotel receipt template requires you to understand the right format. A good hotel receipt should provide the complete needed information. Whatever the format you want to follow, you need to include the following basic details of information.

Sample Hotel Acknowledgement Receipt Templates 2

First of all, you have to provide the guest’s name. Make sure that it is the full legal name, not nick name. If the guest is more than one person, it should be the name of the registered guest. After that, you should include the guest’s complete address including the state and zip.

Besides that, you still need to include the guest’s contact details. After you provide the guest’s address, you will need to include other contact details. For example, it relates to email address. In addition, it is also important to include his or her phone number.

The next information you have to provide on the hotel receipt is the arrival as well as check-out dates. It must be stated clearly when the guest arrived at the hotel and when he or she departs. It shows how long the guests stay in the hotel.

A hotel receipt form should also provide the detailed information of the guest’s room number. This information should be followed with the room rate per night. From these details, you will know how much money the guests need to pay.

Next, you need to include the invoice or receipt number, too. The details of payment must also be included. It relates to the method of payment. The guests can make the payment in different methods such as in cash, with credit or debit. One more, you must include balance, too.

Tips to Make a Sample Hotel Receipt

Besides following the guidelines above, you also still need to consider these important tips. Firstly, you must think about the type of hotel receipt template you will write. Besides that, you also have to include any relevant field we have discussed above. You can still add other important information.

Sample Hotel Bill Receipt Templates

Related to the design, you have to keep it simple but elegant so that this hotel receipt will look professional. In fact, there are some receipts that come with many images, colors and even graphics and they are confusing enough.

For the fonts used, make sure that the fonts are clear so that the receipt can be read easily. Before you print out the hotel receipt, make sure that you have checked it again and again to avoid errors related to spelling, grammar, etc.

Besides this sample hotel receipt, you can also search many other samples for more references. SO, you can understand better about the format of a hotel receipt. If you have understood, now you can practice writing your own hotel receipt.


Sample Receipt of Hotel Templates

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