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Free Sample Plumbing Receipt Template

Receipt is a kind of document that itemizes the services you are paying for and also specify the payment terms. It must be clear, detailed and complete so that the customers will understand it well. In this article, we will give you a sample plumbing receipt for the further explanation.

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How to Write a Sample Plumbing Receipt

A plumbing receipt template must provide the needed data in order the customers need to pay the bills. A good receipt must be able to answer the questions of what when, where, who and how. For more detailed format, you have to include the following required details of information.

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One of the detailed information to be provided on the plumbing receipt is the method of payment. You have to describe what type of payment you accept. You also have to explain whether you offer a plan of payment. For example, you only accept cash or accept payment via debit / credit card, too.

Besides that, you also have to state clearly about the amount due. It relates to how much the customer owes you. You can also describe whether the customer has a past balance that is also due. Or you can add any other relevant detail of amount due.

A plumbing receipt form also requires you to provide the itemized details. You have to state clearly what works were completed. Besides, you can also state what parts being replaced. It is also needed to explain how long the technicians were onsite. Anyway, be as specific as possible.

You cannot forget to state the due date. It is when the balance / first payment will due. Besides that, you can also describe whether you have a grace period before the late fees accrue. Make sure that this important information is included on the plumbing receipt.

The next thing to be included is the contact info of your company. Here, you need to state who can be contacted by the customer. Besides, you also need to include the address of your company. If your company has an official website or social media, you also must include it.

One more, you cannot miss out this information. It is about payment & billing terms. Here, you have to describe whether you chare late fees. Besides, it must also be clear whether the customers must pay more if they pay using a credit card. You can also explain any other relevant info.

Sometimes, you still need to include some additional elements. For example, it is a good idea to include before & after photos. Besides that, you can also include receipt number as well as purchase order number. You can also consider headers & branding like logo, contact info, website, etc.

Lastly, you may also need to let the customer to sign off the receipt. It aims to acknowledge the receipt. Now, you can find many examples of receipt on internet. Anyway, this sample plumbing receipt will be a useful reference to make your own.

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