5+ Sample Marketing Services Agreement Template

How to Make a Marketing Services Agreement Template

Marketing services agreement can be defined as a contract between 2 parties where one party agrees to do specific marketing tasks of other party. Marketing services agreement template consists of some parts or elements. In this article, we will discuss further about it in detail.

Templates Marketing Support Services Agreement Sample


What to Include in a Marketing Services Agreement Template

The first step in writing a marketing service contract template is to provide the offer & acceptance. It refers to the offer made by one party which is accepted by another one that forms the agreement. After it is accepted, the contract is formed then.

The second element to include is mutual consent. It means that there will be a meeting of minds. The parties should agree to the agreement’s terms & conditions at the same time & place. If this part does not exist, the agreement is not valid.

Legal obligation is the third element you should include for the intention to go to the court. Joining a contract with intention to go to the court shows that you are serious about getting yourself into the business. The intention to go to the court is only needed in commercial agreement.

Next, you cannot forget providing free consent. It is needed to ensure that one party joins an agreement without any force. It means, they join the agreement with their own free will. So, an agreement should only be made with free consent.

In making a marketing service contract, you have to make sure that it only consists of competent parties. This is very essential for a valid agreement. Competent parties mean those who are in legal age. It gives them authority to create credible & reliable decision by their own without their parents’ consent.

Lawful object also belongs to one of the elements. Keep in mind that this agreement must be not against the law. For example, the agreement is to sell drugs. Even though another party agrees it, the agreement is not valid because it is not suitable for the state’s law.

You also need to pay attention to lawful consideration. It means getting something in return. If one party gives & another one receives without returning it, so it is taken as a gift. Then, an agreement will cease to exit. On other words, the agreement or contract will not be valid.

Then, it also requires not expressly declared void. For your information different states may have their own agreement lists which have been declared void. If you join an agreement that is considered void in that country, it means the agreement is not valid.

The next element is possibility of performance. The promises in a contract must be those which can be performed. The promises which are impossible to perform make it invalid. It is regardless of all parties knows about it or if only a party knows about this.


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The last element in marketing services agreement template is legal formalities. There are 2 types of agreement. The first is verbal agreement, usually used in social transaction which is not legally binding. The second is written agreement, used when there is a need to record one’s promises to do things.

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