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SWOT Analysis PowerPoint Template Samples

One of the ways to grow your business is by performing SWOT analysis. SWOT analysis identifies Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, & Threats of your business’ situation. You can write this analysis using PowerPoint. If you also want to write a SWOT analysis PowerPoint, let’s see it below.

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How to Create a SWOT Analysis PowerPoint

In making a SWOT analysis in PowerPoint, you have to decide the model of the SWOT analysis. The first is Basic SWOT. It comes with less design but more content. It can be considered as the best way to draw attentions to the conclusions instead of design element.

In this model of SWOT analysis, you can see how simple the design is. It just comes with 4 rectangles and you have to fill in the analysis components. There is not much to use this slide, where it helps you finish a presentation when you do not have much time.

The second model is Graphic SWOT analysis. If you want a more visual template, this one will be a good choice. It still comes with 4 major placeholders & categories you have come to expect in this kind of analysis. It comes with an almost leaf-like shape which uses each part to measure situation.

What makes this model much more attractive is the excellent addition where you can add animations. Therefore, the “leaf” comes on in stages perfectly. You can make this simple animation on PowerPoint easily because it belongs to basic techniques you have to master.

PowerPoint SWOT analysis can also be made with this model. We call it as Internal & External SWOT. As we all know, this analysis considers both internal & external factors. In this template, you can consider using a tree diagram style to split out the both factors.

Splitting into those factors will make the readers or audiences easy to understand what is in your control & what is not. You need to consider this if you want separate these forces on your own business or company. For each category or section, you can list down the points simply.

The next model is Quantified SWOT analysis. Usually, this kind of analysis uses “soft” factors which are hard to calculate. However, this one will take a really different approach. This template comes with numeric. It is appropriate for certain businesses like engineering or finance.

This slideshow can also be used to show the status of the extended SWOT analysis. It assigns a percent completion to each of the 4 major sections or categories. It looks different from other previous templates but it is not too detailed as it only shows the percentage of each category.

Templates for Personal Swot Analysis pptx Sample 1 Templates for strategic planning powerpoint Sample 1

One more, there is also Personality SWOT analysis. It aims to reflect personally & prepare a SWOT. If you have many ventures & interests, this can bring a favorable view of yourself. Therefore, you know how to grow & what to work on. Now, you can make your own desired SWOT analysis PowerPoint.

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