Sample Weekly Report Template

Sample Weekly Report Template and Interesting Matter to Know

In running a business, making a weekly report sometimes becomes an essential matter to do. Yes, with this kind of report, a manager and employees will be able to know the real condition of their business. To help them in making it, you may try to find a sample weekly report template.

Sample Blank Student Weekly Report

Since a weekly report is important, finding its sample is also useful. A sample of a weekly report will be able to help you give the inspiration to make it. By a sample, of course, making a weekly report will be easier and quicker. Here, we will talk about the detail of it below.

What is a Weekly Report Template?

As its name, a weekly report is a report that is made per week. It tells about a specific thing. In common, it is applied for business. A weekly report could tell about the financial condition, the progress of the project and others.

Sample Blank Weekly Report

By making a weekly report, every part of the business will know the real condition of it. On another hand, a weekly report also could be a document of investigation. It means when there is a mistake inside the project, a manager could find it in the weekly report and fix it.

Kinds of Weekly Report Template

These are some kinds of weekly reports that commonly made. Some kinds of it to know that maybe could give you inspiration are:

  • Employee weekly report template

An employee weekly report template is made by an employee to tell about the condition of a business. In common, this document is applied as a media to provide detail information of business, to show improvement of the program, and to others.

  • Construction weekly report template

This weekly report is made by the contractors. In common, it tells about the terms and the conditions of the construction contract. On another hand, this kind of weekly report will be useful in order to show the progress of construction.

  • Project weekly report template

As its name, a project weekly report is a document that is telling about the detailed running of the project. It shows how the project is progressed. On another hand, the detail condition of the project, whether there is a mistake or not, will be shown inside a project weekly report.

How to Make a Good Weekly Report?

To make a good weekly report, these are some ways that you need to follow. Of course, the following ways to make a weekly report will be helpful because it will ease you in making it. To make a weekly report, you may follow some ways as:

  • Prepare and consolidate all needed documents for a weekly report.
  • Value the important dates in making a weekly report
  • Start making a weekly report with the weekly milestones
  • Highlight gaps and issues
  • Summarize the detail of a weekly report

Weekly Report Template File

To download a sample weekly report template is quite easy. You just need to find the best template of a weekly report inside this page. Then, click the download button. Automatically, the files could be downloaded.  Sample Construction Progress Weekly Report Sample Employee Weekly Time Report Sample General Status Reportvvvvv Sample Preschool Weekly Activity Report Sample Student Weekly Academic Report Sample Student Weekly Activity Report Sample Teacher Weekly Behavior Report Sample Teacher Weekly Report Example Sample Weekly Student Progress Report

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