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“Save the date” is a phrase in English which means “reserve the date”. These words are commonly found in invitations and documents to inform the document reader or invitee that the date is the date an event will take place, and the person writing the document or sending the invitation asks the recipient not to schedule another agenda for that day.

save the date in psd design

The phrase “Save the Date” makes a wedding invitation more lighthearted but without leaving a professional impression.

Usually, wedding invitations with the phrase “Save the Date” are distributed to recipients 3 months before the wedding ceremony takes place. You can send invitations early if the prospective invited guests are out of town, abroad, or are busy important figures. For example, you can send invitations 5 months before the wedding is held.

save the date psd

To make it easier for you to create “Save the Date” wedding invitations, use the Save the Date templates which are available free on our site. All of our Save the Date templates collection meets the criteria that must be included in a Save the Date template.


What SHOULD be in a Save the Date template

1. Information regarding events

The Save the Date template can be a short, simple invitation or an invitation that contains complete information. Which template you want to use is up to you, but the important thing is information on the name of the couple getting married and the date of their wedding. More complex templates can include the venue for the wedding, hotel information (address, rates, and telephone number), flight information, cruise information, and relevant landmarks.

2. Use the pair’s initials monogram

Monogram is a term to describe two or more letters that overlap each other to form a motif and a symbol. The couple’s initials monogram is popular for wedding invitations including “Save the Date”.

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What SHOULD NOT be in a Save the Date template


Keep in mind, Save the Date is not an invitation that requires the recipient to reply whether they can attend the invitation on that date or not. Even if your guests indicate that they may not be able to attend your event, you should still send them formal invitations at a later date.

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Don’t forget to add a “plus-one” to each Save the Date recipient that meets the following criteria:

  • guests who are married, engaged, or living with a partner
  • Guests who have had boyfriends / girlfriends / partners for a long time so it can feel awkward not to attend a wedding together
  • all the wedding party members

save the date psd templates

However, you can leave out the description “Plus One” if:

  • You have already selected a wedding date and location but not a specific venue.
  • You haven’t finalized your budget so play it safe and wait for how many “plus one” you can accommodate in the future.
  • Since Save the Date is usually given long before the wedding, the guests’ relationship with their spouses / singles may change, so consider not offering Plus One.

save the date in photoshop

Save the Date Ideas

save the date templates for photoshop save the date psd templates

Save the Date Example

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