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Scribe resume sample will provide assistance to the physicians and they also will handle various medical data. In other words, they will help the physicians to do so that the physician will be easier to work. Therefore, you should have certain education to be scribe. The duties of Scribe are various. Those are taking part in patients visit, recording consultations, tracking the test results, and also helping the medical staff to serve a better patient care. So, you should have certain abilities and skills to support the physicians. You also should demonstrate of medical terminology on your resume. Good listening and writing skills, alertness, computer competence, telephone etiquette, and accuracy are the abilities and skills that should you have to make the readers impress to your resume.

Paul Atkinson

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Experiences                                       Medical Scribe, Chicago

02/ 2016 – present

  • Does delegated duties in which education and also coaching has been served and competency assessed
  • Serves care and does the duties accordance with the plan of care, unit routine, and also hospital rule
  • Measures and treatment performed by other medical providers, such as nurses and midlevel supplier
  • Go along with the providers into the exam room to document all of providers or patient reactions
  • Precisely and methodically document medical visits and procedures as they are being performed with the medical provider such as no limitation
  • Supervise and arrange the medical document in the EMR system
  • Assists the physician improve in efficiency through decreased electronic medical record workload and also improve the doctor patient interaction

Medical Scribe, Chicago

01/ 2011 – 12/ 2015

  • Helped the physician with e-scribing
  • Helped in restocking the cover warmer and bedside linen carts
  • Precisely document history, laboratory, medication, physical examination, and also radiology notes as well as to show the patients and providers
  • Create regular rounds on patients and also the families present blanket, pillows, and also chair for comfort
  • Served comfort care for the patients and also the families
  • Display knowledge of and knowledgeably performs the technical procedures
  • Copy out dictated information from the providers into the medical records
  • Saw the patients with physicians and also performed a real time, thorough the medical charting consisting the history, HPI and physical exam
  • Evaluated the chart for the correct and complete documentation

Education                                            Chicago State University

Bachelor’s Degree in Initiative


  • Understand of Microsoft Word and Power Point
  • Great proficient in Human Anatomy and Terminology
  • Strong written communication skills such as the ability to listen carefully and transcribe verbal communication accurately on the real-time
  • Able to work closely in medicinal professionals during the interactions with the patients in a hospital or clinical setting
  • Able to work in multi-task, administer details and organize effectively and professionally
  • Document actions and treatments performed by the doctor or other healthcare professional such as nurse and physician assistants
  • Efficient verbal and written communication skills and also able to serve the information clearly and professionally


Scribe Resume Sample

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